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Good News Friday

This week’s Good News Friday installment is going to be a little bit different for this very strange week. My first item comes from Saudi Arabia of all places: The Saudi Foreign Minister has said that “we must denounce our … Continue reading

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Yet another ceasefire: Einstein’s definition of insanity

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. — Albert Einstein Never before have I seen so many glum faces at a wedding – and not because anyone disapproved of the match. On the contrary, … Continue reading

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Gaza war update: 4 year old Israeli boy killed by mortar, several Israeli civilians injured

With all the fanfare about Hamas’s missiles and rockets it’s easy to overlook the danger of mortars, which seem to be little more than glorified stones – until they hit someone.  In fact as many soldiers were injured or killed … Continue reading

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Good News Friday – War edition

Israel is still under fire since Hamas broke the ceasefire on Tuesday, and the IDF is attacking back, picking off Hamas’s commanders and targeting terror infrastructure, rocket launchers etc. The south of Israel has been under an intense rocket assault … Continue reading

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Hamas collapses the ceasefire with renewed rocket fire

Surprise surprise. Not. The extension to the 5-day extension to the schmeasefire ceasefire didn’t last through its full 24 hours before Hamas or one of its proxies or allies started firing rockets at Israel earlier this evening. The first barrages … Continue reading

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Friday videos for Shabbat

I’m neither in the mood nor do I have time for a Good News Friday post, but I didn’t want to leave up those last two terribly depressing posts without a counterweight, so here are two videos that might put … Continue reading

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