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Antisemitism: The good, the bad and the ugly

Three reports in recent days illustrate the good, the bad and the ugly in views about and actions towards Israel and Jews. There are many other reports in a similar vein, but these three incidents simply occurred at the same … Continue reading

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The making of a new blood libel

Yesterday, Israel’s incompetent and criminally inept police, aided and abetted by the media – both international and Israeli – and Israeli politicians all colluded in creating a blood libel against the Israeli right-wing. To be more specific, against that great … Continue reading

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A short guide to (not) understanding the Middle East

Those of us of a certain age (ahem) or older will remember the sitcom “Soap”, where every episode began with a voice-over giving a recap of previous episodes, who was doing what with whom, and ending with “Confused? You won’t … Continue reading

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Israeli Christian Arabs form their own political party

Some extremely encouraging news: in a long-overdue move, Israel’s Christian Arabs are forming their own political party. They are calling their party Bnei Habrit Hahadasha, “Sons of the New Testament” and they are calling for IDF enlistment amongst other things: … Continue reading

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The latest Arab peace initiative: positive or a scam?

The news in the last few days has been full of reports about the latest Arab Peace Initiative, apparently a revised and updated version of their last attempt. To recap the long-forgotten details, the original 2002 Arab (or Saudi) Peace … Continue reading

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The anti-Israel boycott rebounds upon itself

The New York Times today published a great article calling for an end to the Arab boycott of Israel. That in itself is excellent news. What is even more gratifying and certainly most surprising is that the article is written … Continue reading

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