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Latest Jihadi news

Following is a roundup of news from the world of Jihad which all seem to tie into one another and all of which impinge on the security of both Israel and the Western world. Earlier in the week Hamas held … Continue reading

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The enemy of my enemy, and with friends like these…

Recently there have been several strange and conflicting, not to mention confusing, items of interest regarding Israel, Turkey, the US, and Iran with its nuclear program. We first learned a few days ago that Azerbaijan had granted access to Israel … Continue reading

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Israel and Azerbaijan sign $1.6 billion arms deal, Iran-Azeri tensions rise

Earlier this week we learned that Israel and Azerbaijan have signed a massive arms deal worth $1.6 billion, with the effective result of Israeli security systems, arms and drones arriving almost on Iran’s doorstep. Israeli defense officials on Sunday confirmed … Continue reading

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Turkey’s natural gas supply fails temporarily; Israel discovers more offshore gas fields

Two parallel news items appeared in the last couple of days, and it occurs to me that if only the current political constellation in the Middle East were somewhat different, Israel could come to the rescue of Turkey. Today’s Zaman … Continue reading

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