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The (Ig)Nobel Peace Prize awarded to chemical arms watchdog – before they have accomplished their task

In the Orwellian fashion similar to that with which we are so familiar at the UN, the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to an organization that has yet done anything to deserve it.  This year it is the … Continue reading

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The Cold War just got colder

We all thought the Cold War was over when the Berlin Wall fell and communist countries overthrew their corrupt dictatorships. Well, it appears we were wrong. Following is is a quick round-up of Putin’s latest shenanigans and interference in the … Continue reading

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Assad’s grandfather predicted sectarian violence in Syria and praised the Jews

This post by Elder of Ziyon led me to this article from a year ago by the Middle East expert Prof. Mordechai Kedar in the Jewish Press (h/t DavidinPT).  I will let Kedar’s words, and Assad Sr.’s, speak for themselves: … Continue reading

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Who out-manoeuvered whom on Syria’s chemical weapons?

After the debacle of seeing America’s allies drop out of support for an attack on Syria’s chemical weapons (with the possible exception of France), an exit strategy for all sides to climb down their tree has been found. Or so … Continue reading

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The pitfalls of intervention in Syria

It is looking more likely every day that the US, probably together with other Western countries, will intervene militarily in Syria in response to the regime’s chemical weapons attack on civilians near Damascus last week. The potential for major disaster … Continue reading

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To intervene or not to intervene – that is the question

The chemical weapons attack by Assad’s forces in Syria (reported by Israeli TV as having been fired by Assad’s brother’s unit), and any foreign response to it, has the potential to heat up the arena into a full-fledged war between … Continue reading

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