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This is how to do Hasbara

Naftali Bennett shows how it’s done on BBC’s Hard Talk program. The interviewer, Stephen Sackur, is quite hard-hitting, and is fairly irritating in places when he keeps harping on the purported instability of Netanyahu’s government and on the dangers of … Continue reading

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We finally have a government

At least I think so. The coalition agreement is due to be signed later today, so barring any last-minute surprises (which one can never rule out in Israel) we will have a ruling coalition in place.  In the end the … Continue reading

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The height of political cynicism: Tzippi Livni joins Bibi’s coalition

Tzippi Livni has taken her party (alternatively called Hatnuah – which sounds like a bowel movement or a traffic jam – or the Tzippi Livni party – which sounds like the height of arrogance) into Binyamin Netanyahu’s government, becoming the … Continue reading

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Final Israeli election results

The complete election results are finally in, with the soldiers’ votes having been counted over the last day, and the numbers having changed slightly, with Kadima squeaking past the threshold with 2 seats, Bayit Yehudi gaining one seat for a … Continue reading

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Israel elections: Initial exit poll results

The exit polls are in and the results are surprising – at least for anyone who has been following international media propaganda rather than the Israeli press. Initial results show a big drop in Likud Beitenu’s seats, a huge rise … Continue reading

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Why Bayit Yehudi threatens Likud Beitenu

The Israeli general elections are almost upon us and the dirty tricks campaigns are in high gear from all sides with vandalism of election posters and hacking into party computers taking place, besides the regular bad-mouthing of political adversaries. Tensions … Continue reading

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