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Sudden Jihad Syndrome in London

A shocking act of sickening violence occurred today in London when two terrorists butchered a soldier in the street near his barracks in broad daylight by axing him to death with a meat cleaver. There are reports that the soldier … Continue reading

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A closer look at the New Antisemitism (hint: it’s the same as the old)

Like a virus, the old antisemitism has mutated into a new version, although the old version is still in place as well.  The modern version of antisemitism has replaced the Jewish people and the Jewish religion with the state of … Continue reading

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Margaret Thatcher, RIP

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed away yesterday at the age of 87.  She was an extraordinary woman, a powerful politician who aroused very strong feelings of warmth or hatred, depending on your political point of view, but rarely … Continue reading

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Human Rights as a weapon of lawfare against Israel

Even though these stories are from the last week or two they are still as relevant as ever. In fact if you look through any articles about the UN and Israel they will sound like reruns, and in effect they … Continue reading

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Good News Friday – and Wedding Photos!

Here is this week’s Good News Friday installment – including wedding photos! First, the news items. The Wall Street Journal reports on the outstanding international success of Israel’s start-ups (h/t David): It is hard not to be impressed by the … Continue reading

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Iran admits it lied about its nukes, threatens to annihilate Israel anyway

To the frustration of Israel, many Western countries, and any right-minded individual, the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been given the run-around by Iran for years regarding its nuclear program. It has been told obvious lies, Iran has … Continue reading

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