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Good News Friday

Despite all the bad news and not-so-good news of the past weeks, I’ve decided there’s no point in letting the news get me down, so it’s time to get back into the swing of Good News Friday.  This week’s items … Continue reading

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New shipment of Iranian missiles already on its way to Gaza?

In totally unsurprising news, not quite 5 days after the ceasefire went into effect, and Hamas are already re-arming: Israeli satellites have spotted Iranian ships laden with rockets for Gaza: Israeli satellites have detected a cargo vessel docked at an … Continue reading

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Explaning the uneasiness about the ceasefire

In my previous post I spelled out quite clearly my own, very negative and suspicious, feelings on the subject of the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. I am not alone in these sentiments. I bring you here a … Continue reading

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“We cease, they fire”. So much for that “ceasefire”

Did anyone say “Ceasefire”? What a joke. From the Times of Israel live blog (the tail end of yesterday’s, really).  The items are in reverse chronological order. 11:25 The remains of a Katyusha rocket were found in the Negev, Ynet … Continue reading

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Pillar of Cloud: The End? Ceasefire declared

The 8th day of Operation Pillar of Cloud, or Pillar of Defense, has come to an end, and with it the operation itself, with a “ceasefire” which went into effect at 9 p.m. local time. The reason I wrote ceasefire … Continue reading

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Pillar of Cloud Day 7 updates: another rocket on Jerusalem, more rockets, more ceasefire talks

Here are some quick updates on the 7th day of Operation Pillar of Cloud: A rocket was fired at Jerusalem for the second time (the first time was on Shabbat), landing in the Gush Etzion area without causing damage or … Continue reading

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