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Good News Friday

Here we go again, time to end the week with a refreshing dose of good news in my latest Good News Friday installment. As you might have noticed from the frequency in which I use Dry Bones cartoons to illustrate … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Despite the plethora of terrible news this past week, and the imminent possiblity of things becoming even worse, I still cannot allow myself to go into Shabbat without some good news. So here is this week’s Good News Friday installment. … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

The weeks seem to go by faster and faster, and here it is, Friday again, and time for another Good News Friday post. Despite the previous two posts which were rather full of gloom and doom, there is plenty of … Continue reading

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An inspiring message for Pesach from Rabbi Warren Goldstein

Rabbi Warren Goldstein, the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, is an amazingly inspirational thinker and speaker. Last year he produced a beautiful pre-Pesach video, and this year he hasn’t let us down. Watch this beautiful video about the importance of … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

It’s time for another Good News Friday post. My first item is the good news that despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth that the younger generation are not motivated or patriotic enough, a new report tells us that in … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Here is the latest installment in my Good News Friday series. My first item comes from my old homeland, England, where the Queen awarded an OBE to British-Israeli Professor Penelope Ur, for her work in promoting the English language: Prof. … Continue reading

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