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Rumours of Israel’s isolation in the Middle East are dead wrong

Israel is constantly being warned by its erstwhile allies and their wagging fingers that if we don’t correct our behaviour, or if we don’t agree to suicidal ceasefires with an implacable genocidal enemy, we are going to become isolated.  There … Continue reading

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Ceasefire? Now you see it, now you don’t: Operation Protective Edge Day 8

I had drafted a summary of yesterday’s events but, as you shall see shortly, the news overtook me as always.  So here’s a quick summary of yesterday’s damage: More than 115 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel. At least … Continue reading

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Chaos and extremism in the Middle East threatens Israel

The entire region around us is in utter chaos, and if we are not careful (and even if we are) there is a great danger that Israel might (G-d forbid) be drawn into the same violence.  The danger emanates almost … Continue reading

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Latest #BDSFails

The efforts to delegitimize and stigmatize Israel, alone amongst the nations, never cease. Considering the number of failures and the meagre successes the boycotters have achieved you would think they would have learned a lesson by now. You would be … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism, still alive and kicking around the world

Despite ongoing, if fruitless, peace talks with the Palestinians, and against the background of the barbaric civil wars taking place just over our borders in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, all of which ought to shine a more positive light on … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Israel is the only real winner of the Arab Spring

This is another guest post by Brian Goldfarb, a frequent reader and contributor to this blog. Israel is the only real winner of the Arab Spring as this article in the Tower has it (via the Elder of Ziyon, may … Continue reading

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