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Europe – bad for the Jews?

The question mark at the end of my headline is probably not really necessary. The latest European election results, combined with a rising tide of antisemitic sentiment and violence, makes it clear that the time is rapidly approaching for the … Continue reading

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Israel-India ties warm up with election of Narendra Modi

With the deterioration of Israel-US ties under the Obama Administration,  against the background of nasty smears and insinuations against Israel of espionage (with more Israel-bashing emanated over the weekend from special envoy Martin Indyk) and accusations against Israel’s settlement-building policy … Continue reading

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Reflections on the election of Hassan Rohani

As I mentioned earlier, while Hassan Rohani’s election as president of Iran was welcomed as a reformer, it was also advised, especially by Binyamin Netanyahu, to “approach with caution”. As to be expected however, Israel’s very own Delusionist-in-chief, aka President … Continue reading

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The new Iranian President Hassan Rohani

Out with the old (Ahmadinejad) and in with the new, Iran has elected a new president, Hassan Rohani. Rumour has it that he’s a reformer and more amenable to negotiations with the West, but since he was one of a … Continue reading

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We finally have a government

At least I think so. The coalition agreement is due to be signed later today, so barring any last-minute surprises (which one can never rule out in Israel) we will have a ruling coalition in place.  In the end the … Continue reading

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The height of political cynicism: Tzippi Livni joins Bibi’s coalition

Tzippi Livni has taken her party (alternatively called Hatnuah – which sounds like a bowel movement or a traffic jam – or the Tzippi Livni party – which sounds like the height of arrogance) into Binyamin Netanyahu’s government, becoming the … Continue reading

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