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Hypocrisy, as demonstrated by the White House

In this post I want to highlight the brazen double standards and utter screaming hypocrisy demonstrated by that ill-mannered hostile man who stands at the head of Israel’s ostensible best friend, America. The White House exempts its airstrikes on Syria … Continue reading

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An open letter to William Hague

On Day 5 of Pillar of Cloud I mentioned the hypocrisy of British Foreign Minister William Hague in warning Israel that it will lose support if it starts a ground invasion of Gaza.  This is what I wrote: 13:31 UK … Continue reading

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The surreal madness of Israel’s aid to Gaza

One short and concise article in Arutz Sheva (h/t Mum) about Israel’s Electric Company (IEC) fixing some downed lines in Gaza summarizes all that is madly surreal with regards to Israel’s much-maligned and barely existent”blockade”.  (Emphases are mine): The photographs … Continue reading

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Guess who’s condemning which “massacre”?

If you thought the Arab states and/or the UN and/or Russia/China are condemning the ongoing murder in Syria you would be wrong. China is calling on Israel to stop its Gaza raids. Turkey has condemned Israel’s self-defensive actions against terrorists … Continue reading

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