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The Grand Mufti admitted the Jews did not steal land, Arafat recognized a Jewish State. How about Abbas?

At the basis of the Israel-Palestinian conflict lies the Palestinian rejection of any Jewish rights to the land of Israel itself. They view the Jews as imperialist interlopers who are not indigenous to the area and who, if worn down … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Silver Linings to those Middle Eastern Clouds

This is another guest post by frequent contributor and reader Brian Goldfarb. There are these three articles, two from the Henry Jackson Society and the third from The Tablet, which together weave a fascinating picture of what’s happening in the … Continue reading

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Here we go again: Barrage of dozens of rockets from Gaza pound southern Israel

Was it in honour of British PM David Cameron’s visit to Israel? Or in revenge for Israel’s capture of the Iranian missile boat? Or in revenge for the IDF’s killing of 3 Palestinian terrorists who launched mortars at IDF positions … Continue reading

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The West’s hypocrisy at Iran’s cover-up of weapons smuggling to Gaza as well as its nukes

So what was on that Iranian weapons ship, the Klos C, seized by the Israeli Navy in international waters off Sudan last week? Here is the full shopping list: 40 M-302 missiles, 181 120-mm mortars, and 400,000 7.62 caliber bullets … Continue reading

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Israeli Navy intercepts missile-laden Iranian boat – proving the necessity and success of the Gaza blockade

In a dramatic announcement yesterday we were informed that the Israeli Navy intercepted a boat laden with Iranian missiles.  Naval Commandos boarded the boat and discovered a haul that, if it had reached Gaza, would have had severe consequences for … Continue reading

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Rocket fire out of Gaza once more

After a relatively long period of quiet (a few weeks) Palestinian terrorists fired 6 rockets at the south of Israel. Two were shot down by the Iron Dome, the other four hit open areas and thank G-d no one was … Continue reading

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