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Kerry’s delusional ceasefire proposal: When the left and right are in agreement you know you’ve lost the argument

A lot has been said and much fun been made of John Kerry’s ridiculous ceasefire proposal, which was utterly rejected by Israel. It turns out that John Kerry’s delicate feelings and fragile ego have been mortally wounded by the mockery. … Continue reading

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Operation Protective Edge day 20 – Ceasefire see-saw

Israel has swung back and forth between 3 ceasefires today. First there was the ceasefire that was agreed yesterday to last from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m tonight. However that ceasefire was rejected early this morning (late last night?) by … Continue reading

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Operation Protective Edge weekend roundup: more IDF casualties, Israel reject’s Kerry’s idea of a ceasefire

As Operation Protective Edge ends its 2nd week we hear that sadly 6 more soldiers were killed over Friday and Shabbat, bringing the death toll to 40:  The IDF announced early Saturday evening that three soldiers had been killed in the … Continue reading

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The FAA ban on Ben Gurion airport – blackmailing Israel to sign a one-sided ceasefire?

The shocking and outrageous announcement by the FAA that it was instituting a ban on flying in or out of Ben Gurion Airport for 24 hours sounds like nothing so much as a not-so-subtle Mafia threat, as if they were … Continue reading

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John Kerry’s foot in mouth syndrome and more American threats

This post is going to be a catch-up of sorts of news which I missed over the past week since I was out of the country. My apologies too for for missing my Good News Friday installment for the first … Continue reading

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US Foreign Policy failures explained

An article in last Thursday’s New York Times illustrates all that is wrong with the Obama Presidency, aggravated with John Kerry at State. “Obama suffers setbacks in Japan and the Middle East” bemoans the NYT without digging too deeply into … Continue reading

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