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Betraying Israel: the rush to recognize the PA-Hamas unity government

This article was written jointly by Brian Goldfarb and Anne. First is Brian’s post: “Curiouser and curiouser”, said Alice in the famous children’s novel Alice in Wonderland. In that same surreal story, Humpty-Dumpty (who, you may recall, fell off a … Continue reading

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Baruch Dayan Emet: Prof. Barry Rubin 1950-2014

The pro-Israel community lost a valuable friend and intellectual powerhouse yesterday with the passing of Prof. Barry Rubin. I never had the privilege of meeting him though I did exchange an email or two in the past and he was … Continue reading

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How many states for two peoples?

The “two state solution” (TSS) mantra has become the accepted wisdom in the Israel-Palestinian conflict as the only route to bring about a peaceful agreement. However there is growing resistance to the TSS idea since many Israelis believe it will … Continue reading

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Lebanon pushes back at Hezbollah

It’s taken long enough but it seems that Lebanon is finally daring to push back at Hezbollah’s co-option of Lebanon’s political system for its own aims. The first announcement of the necessity to control Hezbollah’s weapons comes from the Lebanese … Continue reading

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What kind of peace are the Palestinians proposing?

A reader of my blog by the name of “Reality” left an excellent comment on my previous post about releasing Palestinian murderers for “peace”, which I will reproduce here (with some editing and formatting, plus added links in order to … Continue reading

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Political lessons from the Purim story

Since it is still Purim today in Jerusalem, it is timely to be reminded of the modern-day lessons and parallels that can be learned from the ancient Purim story as written in the Megillah. Barry Rubin has written a very … Continue reading

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