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Obama tells UN to consider Israel’s security re Palestinian statehood – but do the Palestinians really want a state?

Kicking off the UN’s new General Assembly session, US President Obama’s speech made a refreshing change in his tone towards Israel and its security needs, as the JTA reports: President Obama appealed to the United Nations to recognize Israel’s security … Continue reading

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Israeli embassy in Cairo attacked, staffers evacuated safely

I’m a bit late with the news today, what with Shabbat and family celebrations out of town but now I’ve had a chance to catch up somewhat and the news out of Cairo is not good. Israel’s embassy in Cairo … Continue reading

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The cruel White House

In answer to my previous question – no, they didn’t. Release Jonathan Pollard to go to his father’s funeral, that is. Not only did the US administration not allow Pollard to visit his dying father – just like they did … Continue reading

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Where is Israel’s capital?

Via Jewish Ideas Daily I found this rather enlightening article, “Where is Israel’s Capital?” by Jonathan Tobin (originally published in Commentary Magazine).  In the article Tobin explains the origin of the complicated American approach to Israel’s possession of Jerusalem, and … Continue reading

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What was so wrong with Obama’s statements?

The media and blogging world are all abuzz with arguments about what President Obama really meant when he talked about an “Israel-Palestinian peace agreement based on the 1967 lines”.  There are those who claimed that he didn’t say anything new; … Continue reading

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Obama’s AIPAC speech

Obama’s speech to the AIPAC convention last night was a great improvement on his policy speech from Thursday. It shows that he internalized some of the criticism levelled at him both by Benjamin Netanyahu and by other Jewish and Israeli … Continue reading

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