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Pallywood in action: The making of a new al-Dura hoax

Another Israeli “atrocity” has hit the headlines again in recent days with a manufactured outcry which claims that the IDF killed 2 Palestinian “children” during a “Nakba Day” demonstration in Beitounya for no good reason at all besides murderous maliciousness. … Continue reading

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The Undiplomatic Diplomat – A Pallywood Production

An incident rather minor on the scale of violence usually occurring in the Middle East has been blown out of all proportion thanks to the participation of a very undiplomatic French diplomat. Starting with the bare facts, the EU demands … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Pallywood

The following is a copy-paste of an email I received from my reader DavidinPT , which he says he received from a reliable source.  Having done a Google search I found the story on Facebook which linked back to this site. … Continue reading

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Children of Palestinians vs. Children of Israel

We have all read countless stories how Hamas deliberately targets children in Israel. Their rocket fire is often timed for 8 a.m., just when thousands of children are heading to school and kindergarten. We’ve also all read countless stories how … Continue reading

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Pallywood stone-throwing and Pallywood photographers

It has become increasingly clear over the years that many acts of Palestinian violence or Palestinian victimhood have been staged with careful preparation and pre-meditation by the Palestinian activists or “victims” themselves.  A new video produced by an Italian photo-journalist … Continue reading

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