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President Reuven Rivlin – Israel’s 10th President

As the end of President Shimon Peres’s 7-year term approached, a nasty dirty battle was  waged in recent weeks in the Knesset over who Israel’s next President was to be.  Binyamin Netanyahu mystifyingly opposed Rivlin’s candidacy until the very last … Continue reading

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20 years since the Oslo Accords

Another cursed anniversary fell this week – the 20th anniversary of the ill-fated and misconceived Oslo Accords which led directly to the mess that Israel finds itself in today. Caroline Glick, in a devastating critique of Oslo and its perpetrators, … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

That time of the week has come around again so quickly – time for another installment of Good News Friday. My first item for this week is both a source of national pride for the whole country and is a … Continue reading

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Who’s meddling in Israel’s elections?

The Israeli general elections are just around the corner, due to take place next Tuesday, 22nd January. Campaigning is in high gear and party political broadcasts are dominating the media in all its forms.  All this is perfectly acceptable in … Continue reading

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Putin’s visit to Israel

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Israel yesterday for a short visit, and speculation is rife as to the implications of this visit. First there were the diplomatic niceties, with pretty words spoken by both sides (from the link above): … Continue reading

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Turkey is Hamas’ new supporter

It has not taken long for Hamas to find a new sugar-daddy, having found that life in Syria is becoming rather uncomfortable and they have begun to cosy up to Turkey. Shimon Peres reversed the roles played in the 2008 … Continue reading

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