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Guest Post: RIP Nelson Mandela

This is a guest post by frequent commenter and contributor Brian Goldfarb.  Just a few words of introduction: I feel very ambivalent about Nelson Mandela (see the rest of this post for an explanation) and didn’t know how to approach … Continue reading

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Latest anti-Israel BDS antics

None of the actions mentioned in this post will be much of a surprise to those of you who follow the antics of the BDS anti-Israel brigade,   but I thought it worth listing some of the most recent events … Continue reading

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South Africa’s ruling party votes to boycott Israel

In a disgraceful but unsurprising move, South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) has voted to make BDS (Boycott, divestment and sanctions) part of its official policy towards Israel. South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress, voted … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Here’s the latest installment in my Good News Friday series. We start with a similar story to the one in last week’s Good News Friday post. This time, instead of an Arab telling his compatriots that they need to stop … Continue reading

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With politicians and academics like these…

Alon Liel, the former director of Israel’s Foreign Ministry is supporting the South African call for a boycott of the settlements. He even goes one step further and endorses the writer Alice Walker’s antisemitic boycott of the Hebrew language itself. … Continue reading

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Inspiring Pesach-themed video

Rabbi Warren Goldstein, the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, has produced a marvellous video, set to the music of Yakov Shweky’s “Vehi She’amda” (“and it stood by us” – a passage from the Seder service) which is truly inspiring and … Continue reading

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