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Netanyahu’s UN speech: no new points, disagreement from the US

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu delivered his speech to the UN General Assembly yesterday evening, and the verdicts are varied.  You can read the full transcript here. He covered all the main points that we Israelis would wish him to make: … Continue reading

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Thank you Mr. Harper

Israel has eagerly welcomed Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and with very good reason. Under Mr. Harper’s leadership Canada has become Israel’s staunchest friend in the world, with Australia coming in at a close second as exemplified by this week’s … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan speech: refusal to recognize Jewish state is at the core of the Mideast conflict

On Sunday, Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a very important speech at the Begin-Sadat Center of Bar Ilan University. In a similar speech 4 years ago Netanyahu made the dramatic statement that he recognizes the principal of two states for two … Continue reading

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And so it starts: the West’s capitulation to Iran

On the heels of the cowardly American-led Western retreat from an attack on Syria’s chemical weapons and allowing Russia to fill the political vacuum, we see a similar further retreat in the face of the much more dangerous threat emanating … Continue reading

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Distrust, Dismantle and Verify – Netanyahu’s UN speech

Binyamin Netanyahu delivered his much-anticipated speech at the UN General Assembly yesterday and there were no surprises there, not even a special gimmick like last year’s bomb cartoon. There were, however, several excellent sound-bites, of which the headline here is … Continue reading

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Roundup of Obama’s visit

Apologies for having been offline almost the whole week. I’ve been extremely busy with Pesach preparations, plus babysitting for my grandkids while my son and very pregnant daughter-in-law (she’s in her 10th month…) went to hospital – only to be … Continue reading

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