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ISIS spreads as the West stands by and lets Anti-semitism grow

Apologies for the lack of posts since Friday. I’ve been suffering from a severe case of over-bloggingitis (aka writers’ block together with an overdose of internet) combined with too many chagim. To say that the Middle East is in turmoil … Continue reading

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European NGOs are at the forefront of delegitimization of Israel

Besides the outrageous ASA boycott, another boycott was also mentioned in my earlier post: the boycott by the Dutch water company Vitens against Israel’s Mekorot water company, which has generated a pushback from the Israeli Foreign Ministry: The Foreign Ministry … Continue reading

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Good News Friday

Time for another installment in my Good News Friday series. The first item actually appeared in the press last week but it’s never too late to publish good news. The Swedish Committee against Antisemitism gave out its first Elsa Award … Continue reading

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Surprise! Finnish “aid” ship to Gaza was carrying no aid at all

Israeli Navy soldiers yesterday boarded the one-boat “flotilla” trying to break the blockade of Gaza and bring humanitarian aid to the area, and found- to no one’s surprise – no aid for Gaza. Israeli Navy soldiers seized control of the … Continue reading

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Bulgarian bus bomber was Swedish national – UPDATE

Note: It appears the bomber was not Mehdi Ghezali. See the bottom of this post for updates and more details as they come in. Bulgaria named the bomber of the Israeli tourist bus, who killed 7 people yesterday outside the … Continue reading

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Lebanese terror suspect detained in Cyprus for targeting Israeli tourists

The Cypriot authorities have detained a Lebanese national for plotting attacks against Israeli nationals on the island. An attack against Israeli tourists in Cyprus appears to have been preempted by the arrest of a Lebanese man who had been tracking … Continue reading

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