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The “peace talks” that are supposed to be encouraged by releasing terrorists are bound to fail

After yesterday’s outrageous decision, to be implemented tonight, to release 26 terrorist murderers in order to bolster Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas and to give him confidence to sit in the same room as the Israelis and talk about peace, it … Continue reading

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The height of political cynicism: Tzippi Livni joins Bibi’s coalition

Tzippi Livni has taken her party (alternatively called Hatnuah – which sounds like a bowel movement or a traffic jam – or the Tzippi Livni party – which sounds like the height of arrogance) into Binyamin Netanyahu’s government, becoming the … Continue reading

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Why Bayit Yehudi threatens Likud Beitenu

The Israeli general elections are almost upon us and the dirty tricks campaigns are in high gear from all sides with vandalism of election posters and hacking into party computers taking place, besides the regular bad-mouthing of political adversaries. Tensions … Continue reading

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The Crazy Carousel of Israeli politics and other Middle East Madness

It’s time for some light relief, so I hereby present you with a round-up of some of the madness affecting our region, starting with the crazy carousel called Israeli pre-election politics. After Ehud Barak announced he was quitting politics, and … Continue reading

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More political shenanigans in Israel: Tzippi Livni starts yet another new party

As if Israel had a dearth of political parties and all it needed to make things right was just one more, Tzippi Livni has launched a new party in time for the upcoming elections. Former Kadima leader Tzipi Livni on Tuesday … Continue reading

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Israel set for early elections

So it turns out that all the rumours and speculation were accurate, and Israel is set to go to the polls in a general election some time in January. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday evening that he will be … Continue reading

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