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Price tag, illegal building and Olmert’s guilty verdict

The above three items may not seem to be connected but bear with me and I’ll show you how. The Israeli news (which the international media have lapped up with malicious glee) is full of the acts of vandalism and … Continue reading

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Doing what’s good for Israel – Naftali Bennett’s stability initiative

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett (from the Bayit Yehudi party)  is proving to be an inventive and pro-active lawmaker and minister who has come up with several interesting ideas for improving Israel’s domestic problems as well as its international status. He … Continue reading

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Negotiating peace under the threat of boycotts and violence

Another way of wording my headline would be “an offer that Israel can’t afford to refuse – for the sake of its own health”. Or we could just call it “Don Corleone rides again”. It seems quite incredible that no … Continue reading

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The legal case for Judea and Samaria

The legal status for Israel’s possession of and settling in Judea and Samaria has been discussed here several times. Here are just a few posts that discuss this issue. The question has come to the fore in the press again … Continue reading

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Snowstorm roundup and pictures

I would have posted this earlier except we had a 3 hour power cut earlier. And we didn’t even get one drop of snow! Obviously the electric company are struggling to restore power to Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria and the … Continue reading

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Agreeing to disagree with the EU on settlements

Earlier this year, the European Union issued a directive which effectively required to push Israel back to the 1949 armistice lines if it wished to receive EU funding for certain projects.  With the tempting bait of participation in the prestigious … Continue reading

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