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Israel attacked: Int’l media- Yawn. Israel responds: Int’l media headlines

One upon a time the Daily Telegraph was considered firmly on the side of Israel. Not so much any more it seems, especially with the likes of the antisemitic Peter Oborne chief amongst its list of columnists.  An item in … Continue reading

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Libya as Chair of the Human Rights Council – a sick joke

Back when President Obama was elected, the US decided to break with the tradition of past leaders and to take up a seat on the notorious Human “Rights” Council. (I have put Rights into inverted commas because the only rights … Continue reading

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Channel 4’s “The Promise” debunked

I received this article from the email list of British-Israel Group, a Jewish British media monitoring group who do sterling work in my favourite field. The article is currently not up on their website so I will post it verbatim … Continue reading

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Poor Ian McEwan can’t get it right

I can’t decide whether I’m enjoying a touch of schadenfreude or if I’m truly feeling sorry for British writer Ian McEwan, author of “Amsterdam” and “Atonement”. Ian McEwan has been awarded the prestigious Jerusalem Prize for his writing, and I … Continue reading

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The malice of Henry Siegman

Further to my post below, I bring you here, courtesy of commenter DavidinPT,  my analysis (or rather fisking) of Henry Siegman’s vicious and malicious article in the Huffington Post (hereafter known as the HuffPo). Siegman starts off by airily dismissing … Continue reading

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The Chutzpah of Thomas Friedman

This article was cross-posted on CiFWatch Two articles that I have read in the last 24 hours have been enough to bring my blood pressure to boiling point.   I will address the first one here. The other will be addressed … Continue reading

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