A time to weep, and a time to be happy

The news from the yishuv of Itamar after Shabbat was simply horrific, as I am sure most of you will have read in the media by now. Five members of one family, Rabbi and IDF tank unit officer Udi Fogel, his wife Ruth, 11-year-old Yoav, four-year-old Elad and three-month-old Hadas, may Hashem avenge their blood, were murdered in their beds in the most brutal fashion. I find it difficult to write about it, let alone picture the blood-soaked scene.  What kind of barbarians could walk in and slash the throat of a 3-months old baby, besides the other children and adults?  One cannot even call these entities animals, for animals do not turn on their own species in such a way.  Monsters is the only word that is even slightly fitting.

I am posting a link here with the most terrible photos of the murder. This is something that I would normally never do, but the family of the victims themselves have requested that these pictures be publicized worldwide to show what kind of monsters Israel is expected to deal with in “peace talks”.


Pictures of the victims from the scene of the attack.

The funeral of the victims was attended by some 20,000 mourners and the eulogies were simply heart-rending.

As for the reaction of our “peace-partners” in Gaza – they handed out candies to celebrate.

The international media’s reporting of this event was mixed, though one could give them the benefit of the doubt of being distracted by the terrible Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

The BBC’s original story has fallen off its website altogether as far as I can see, and is now replaced with a story about – you guessed it – Israel building “settler homes”.  Of course, that has always been the Beeb’s official line:  “Israeli settlers” are the greatest evil of the Middle East, not unstable dictatorships, not throat-slashing terrorists. Just Jewish houses.  And the Jewish residents of those houses of course.

The Independent mentioned the attack in a minor article, and its only concern appears to be that

It comes as Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts are at a standstill and could complicate efforts to restart them.

Gee. Ya think?

The Guardian had two surprisingly neutral (by their admittedly low standard) articles, although once again the headlines blared the “new settler housing” meme rather than the fact of a brutal slaying of almost an entire family.  They also bleated on about those poor Palestinian olive trees, and found no room to mention Palestinians handing out candy to celebrate the “heroic” act., nor to actually call the perpetrators by their real description – terrorists – as opposed to the neutral and meaningless “militants”, as if they were trade union officials.

The New York Times also had a fairly balanced article about the killings, which was then balanced itself by an equally long article about Netanyahu’s announcement of new settlement building.

The admirable Robin Shepherd really nails it when he says:

The story isn’t getting much prominence, but given the Japanese tsunami that is perhaps understandable. One thing that is noteworthy, however, is that in so far as it is being reported at all one crucial piece of context is being missed, as it always is in reports about Palestinian terrorism or “militancy” as the BBC prefers to call it.

That piece of crucial context is the matter of official Palestinian incitement and the glorification of terrorism. This takes the form of naming streets and squares after well known terrorists and using media, schools, universities and mosques to dehumanise Jews. The Palestinian leadership has been playing this game for years, which is why so many in Israeli politics remain sceptical about their commitment to a genuine peace.

But so long as western media refuse to report on this incitement, the western audience is left in a state of unawareness about the Israeli position which looks either intransigent or overly obsessed with “security”.

Finally I come to the time to be happy of my headline.  Although I feel slightly guilty at rejoicing when there is so much sorrow all around, I am delighted to announce (further to my update of last week) the birth of another granddaughter, a daughter to our eldest son.

In my opinion our latest addition to the family is our answer to the terrorists. They kill, we bring life. They love death, we love life. They destroy, we will build.

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5 Responses to A time to weep, and a time to be happy

  1. cba says:

    “In my opinion our latest addition to the family is our answer to the terrorists. They kill, we bring life. They love death, we love life. They destroy, we will build. ”

    Amen ve-amen.

  2. anneinpt says:

    Just read on Ynet (via my Twitter feed from a blogger with the delightful name of Challah hu Akbar) that Israel is demanding an apology from CNN for their tendentious reporting.

    Israel is demanding an apology from CNN over its coverage of Saturday’s terrorist attack in Itamar claiming it was “tendentious and deceptive.” Government Press Office director Oren Helman sent a letter to CNN’s Bureau Chief Kevin Flower saying he was astonished at the network’s coverage of the ruthless attack.

    A CNN website report avoided describing the event as a terror attack, noting that the Israel Defense Forces consider it an act of terrorism. “Only you decided to use the term terrorist attack in quotation marks, as if this were not necessarily the case,” Helman wrote. “There is a limit to the extent of objectivity regarding such a horrific deed.”

    • cba says:

      I heard about that yesterday morning. I think the Government should be doing a heck of a lot more of that kind of thing.

  3. reality says:

    Annie you got that right ,we’ll continue bringing life into the world & we’ll keep on building. Mazal Tov on the new addition & may there be many more. My daughter called in shock when she discovered that Ruth Fogel H”Yd was the daughter of her teacher . Such a nice man. She went to the funeral & called afterward . She said it was to terrible to see . Its bad enough when you don’t know the people but when you do its just heartrending. The only stupid thing Netanyahu did was enable extra building in blocks which already have the ok to build but were temporarily stopped because of the “peace process” Why weren’t other yishuvim given the ok to build like in Itamar Bet Haggai etc..? Thats what they used to do – a new yishuv for every murder.
    It takes an awful tragedy like this to galvanise Netanyahu. Pathetic. Even the biggest leftists were finally shocked by this barbaric murder. Its time for them to wake up & realise that if places like Itamar aren’t there protecting them the palestinian murderers will walk into Tel Aviv, Herzlia & murder them in their beds. That they can’t understand. I did hear a spokesman from the yishuv of Neve Zuf (where the parents of Udi Fogel H”Yd live) saying exactly that on television just before the funeral.
    we should hear only good news

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