More missiles and rockets on the south

Perhaps I should title this terrorism update update, but I fear the updates on the updates will end up being longer than the title space.

Rocket in Eshkol Regional Council

Hamas are upping the ante and are firing ever more powerful Grads (katyushas to the uninitiated) into our major southern cities. Today a number of Grads were shot at Ashdod, but so far north as to trigger sirens in Gedera, Gan Yavneh, and even in Rishon LeTziyon.

Southern cities under fire


Southern residents run for cover

As usual our politicians swear revenge, dire steps to be taken, Israel’s refusal to tolerate such attacks, the usual bla bla bla:

Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon told reporters that Israel “will not be tolerant of any escalation” in attacks on Jewish communities in Israel. Ya’alon told reporters in the United States, where he is currently traveling, that the war on terror “requires a long battle, but it will not stop us from taking care of whoever shoots at Israel as they have in the last few days, or sends terrorists to the center of cities.

“Hamas is responsible for everything that is shot out of Gaza,” he said, “and if it does not act responsibly, it will pay the price.”

But I have become rather cynical in my old age. I doubt anything will be done beyond taking out the odd Hamas terrorist and bombing tunnels and empty buildings.

I will be happy* to be proven wrong.

*I’m not sure happy is the right word, because being proven wrong might involve another war G-d forbid. But I think that most Israelis would like more decisive and less PC action from our leaders.

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7 Responses to More missiles and rockets on the south

  1. Luther says:

    Why is Hamas escalating now, I wonder. I’m not given to conspiracies but could this be part of some larger plan being driven by Iran, etc., in the sense of the broader unrest occurring in Libya, Egypt, etc.

    • anneinpt says:

      Luther, you have perfect timing. Just as you posted your comment I received Prof. Barry Rubin’s latest newsletter. I strongly urge you to read his blog (linked in my sidebar). He is a Middle East expert with great insight and many years of experience, and he blogs several times a day.

      His latest item: terrorism flourishes because it brings public relations and political gains explains it all.

      A snippet:

      Why is terrorism against Israel increasing now? Because the terrorists have:

      –Everything to gain domestically. Terrorism mobilizes support among their own people and proves their militancy against rival groups.

      –Everything to gain regionally. There is increasing radicalization and growing power for revolutionary Islamism. Throughout the region and especially for Hamas, Egypt’s revolution–which Islamists view as a victory for them–has emboldened radicals and terrorists.

      –Nothing to lose internationally. The West, and the United States in particular, will do nothing to punish them.

      –And lots to gain in terms of public relations. The Western media often gives them good coverage and blames Israel when it retaliates.

      • Luther says:

        Thanks, Anne, for the link to Professor Rubin. His analysis in that item seems such common sense and rings so true, doesn’t it. I’m no b**** by a long shot, but do fear that all freedom loving countries are being pushed into a very constrained corner by recent events. Eventually we will all be forced to act, with no choice as to how fiercely. Forgive my hyperbole, just that I’m not seeing other viable options.

        Though the below is minor good news perhaps… from an Insty link.

        “Thousands marched in the funeral chanting calls for freedom, and — for the first time since protests broke out Friday — slogans against Iran and Lebanon’s armed Shi’ite movement Hezbollah.

        “Honorable Syrians don’t rely on Iran or Hezbollah,” they chanted…”

  2. cba says:

    Anne, would it be possible to add a map (preferably with a scale) so people can get an idea of the locations of the places you’re naming?

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