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The British and their Arabs

Britain has a long loving history with the Arabs, mostly to the detriment of Israel. Of course, that is well within their rights. However, lately there have been several revelations which could, or should, embarrass Britain. The Guardian reveals that … Continue reading

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One worshipper murdered, 4 injured, at Yosef’s tomb in Shechem

Early this morning (Sunday, erev the last day of Pesach), a group of Breslav chasidim went to daven at Kever Yosef in Shechem. Trouble began already on their way in to Shechem when they encountered spikes in the road blocking … Continue reading

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Unhinged leftists demonstrate their wish for a Palestinian state

Today, in Tel Aviv, in the very spot where David Ben Gurion stood and read out Israel’s Declaration of Independence, a group of leftist “activists” (who only “act” for the Palestinians and against Israel’s benefit), and “intellectuals” (who must have … Continue reading

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Dayeinu with a twist, from Latma

More timely Pesach fun with Latma TV,  (the English version can be found on the “English” tab on the Hebrew site, which takes you here). Latma is the brilliant Israeli satirical website, edited by, amongst others, journalist Caroline Glick and … Continue reading

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Chag Pesach Kasher Vesame’ach

!חג שמח Happy and Kosher Pesach to all those celebrating. Here’s a short video which has been making the rounds, for your enjoyment.

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Baruch Dayan Emet – Daniel Viflic hy”d

Very sad news on this Pesach eve has just reached us. Daniel Rafael Viflic HY”D  who was critically injured in the anti-tank missile attack on the school-bus in the south, has died. The 16-year-old has been fighting for his life … Continue reading

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