Israel plans homes for Israelis; US deeply concerned – again

With all the revolutions, upheavals and humanitarian crises abounding throughout the world, from wars to revolutions to earthquakes and tsunamis, you would think the US would have other things to worry about than a few homes for Jews in their homeland.

You would be wrong.

The US has expressed deep concern about the new building plans in Gilo.

“We’re deeply concerned about the announcement of the approval for these units,” State Department Spokesman Mark Toner said.

“We believe that through good-faith direct negotiations the parties should mutually agree on an outcome that realizes the aspirations of both parties. Ultimately, a lack of resolution to this conflict, harms Israel, harms the Palestinians and harms the interests of the United States and the international community.”

I bolded two parts of the quote in order to comment on them.

The “good-faith direct negotiations” – those would be those negotiations that the Palestinians are refusing to attend. How does the US propose that Israel ever approve any building plans anywhere in Israel if our “peace partner” refuses to discuss it?

The second item is the pronouncement that such building plans harm “the interests of the US and the international community”.  How does that work, pray tell? When New York City council builds an apartment block does it cause a war in Sudan?  When London approves homes for Englishmen, does the UN issue a condemnation? Or even an approval?

The hypocrisy is all the more outstanding when one takes into account that the planned building is within the area that, even according to the map provided by the leftist Geneva Initiative, will remain in Israel’s hands.

Hat tip to Yaacov Lozowick who blogged about this first (and updated with more). As he says, “So what’s the fuss about?”

We know what the fuss is about; it’s a blend of anti-Zionism, fear of the Arabs, pro-Arab sentiments and a good dose of old-fashioned antisemitism.


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6 Responses to Israel plans homes for Israelis; US deeply concerned – again

  1. R Thompson says:

    US Foggy Bottom Spokesman Mark Toner said.

    “We believe that through good-faith direct negotiations the parties should mutually agree on an outcome that realizes the aspirations of both parties…”

    Like 50 rockets at a time equals good-faith direct negotiations?

    Let me apologize, in total embarrassment, for the pronouncements of my government … which seems to not grasp the idea of if you have nothing worthwhile to say, when you have nothing personally vested in a righteous outcome, then shut up.

    I didn’t vote for the current administration, and one reason was Obama’s affiliation with murderous people like Ayers and Dohrn, who are currently rabble rousing in the Middle East … and are anticipated to be principals in the planned “Code Pink” flotilla re-do in a couple months. Make no mistake, Ayers and Dohrn have no compunctions over killing people they identify as the enemy, nor do they mourn their own losses martyred in their cause, even if they caused it. Remind you of anyone?.

    In short, do NOT send you boarding forces down ropes with paint ball guns.

    • anneinpt says:

      I don’t think Israel will be making that mistake again in a hurry.

      And BTW neither I nor most Israelis blame you and those who didn’t vote for Obama for your government’s actions. I can understand how frustrated you feel – probably about as frustrated as we do! But I appreciate your insight into the machinations of your government, even if it does not make for edifying reading.

  2. R Thompson says:

    Post Script … another thing our morons in the State Department and the rest of the administration do not seem to grasp: Building settlements is the best, beyond a doubt, tactical response to Hamas or Fatah attacks. Nothing else works nearly as well short of military annihilation …. if even possible. At any rate, nothing sends the strategic message better that new settlements … e.g., keep up the attacks, fools, and you will lose it all.

    • anneinpt says:

      I have a feeling that the State Dept. knows exactly what effect new buildings and new settlements have on the Palestinians – and that is exactly why they are so opposed to them. Or am I being too harsh on them?

  3. reality says:

    what a —— cheek! who the — do they think they are in the state department? we should worry about harming their interests?!! This is absolutely the biggest chutzpah ever & obama isn’t even Jewish (or Christian for that matter!) If I want to renovate my house do I have to I need permission form the white house?!! I never knew we wereofficially part of the USA since when did we become one of their states? We don’t even quote anything in dollars anymore & we all know tht currency is going down the drain just like its administration!

    • anneinpt says:

      I love your colourful language :-). Truth is, this administration is no different to any of the previous admins, even the famously friendly Bush and Reagan administrations. They too condemned Israel when they felt we were getting too uppity and too independent. The only difference is that nowadays it looks like Obama and his advisers are not so much interested in “Realpolitik” (i.e. doing the necessary) as in being actually ideologically motivated against Israel.

      And yes, I agree with you, they have an almighty chutzpah. Nothing has changed.

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