The long arm of Israel’s security forces

A mysterious bombing in Sudan which killed two people has been blamed on Israel by the Sudanese government.  Sudan says they are “absolutely certain” that Israel carried out the attack but they do not know the reason.

He said Israel undertook the attack in order to scupper Sudan’s chances of being removed from a US list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Hmm. That makes a lot of sense. Not. Especially if you consider that one of the two persons killed in this bombing turn out to be a Hamas commander, according to the al-Arabiya network.

Israel is keeping quiet about this attack, as it did in a similar bombing in 2009:

Analysts say weapons are smuggled to Hamas-run Gaza through desert routes in Sudan’s east, and reports said Israel was behind an air strike on a convoy of suspected arms smugglers in the region in 2009. Israel has never admitted or denied this.

I sincerely hope it was Israel who was behind this attack, and I take my hat off to our security and intelligence forces for its success.

Another success, a bit closer to home, was also revealed today.  The Shin Bet arrested a terror cell in January who were planning to kidnap an Israeli soldier and hold him hostage.

In order to carry out the abduction, the suspects attempted to purchase a vehicle with Israeli license plates to be used in the operation. They also planned to acquire forged Israeli ID cards and join forces with other terrorists able to gain entry into Israel

An op-ed in Ynet says that Israel’s message to Hamas, with the arrest of the Hamas engineer in Ukraine, is that Israel’s security forces know a lot more about what is going on in Gaza than the terrorists imagine.  Besides that:

The indictment also offers two interesting lessons. One is that targeted eliminations are a highly effective means for thwarting terror attack plans. According to the indictment, the assassination of top Hamas figure Adnan al-Ghoul in 2004 delayed the development of long-term Qassam rockets by a year and a half.The second lesson highlights the significance of IDF and Shin Bet presence in areas that produce terror against Israel. …. there is no doubt that had IDF forces been present in Gaza today, he would have been taken in for interrogation a while ago.

… It appears that the Shin Bet and IDF made sure to allow him [Abu Sisi] to call his wife and inform her that he was abducted, thereby signaling to Hamas and its leaders that what happened to the hard-working engineer may one day happen to them and anyone who collaborates with them.However, the main message that apparently worries Hamas is that Israel knows much more than what is detailed in the indictment.

With these new stories from Sudan and Samaria (the West Bank), we can hope that Israel’s message is getting through loud and clear.

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