Dayeinu with a twist, from Latma

More timely Pesach fun with Latma TV,  (the English version can be found on the “English” tab on the Hebrew site, which takes you here).

Latma is the brilliant Israeli satirical website, edited by, amongst others, journalist Caroline Glick and populated by such personalities as Jamil and Awad the would-be jihadis; Halil Majnoun, The Egyptian Minister of Conspiracy Theories; Tawil Fadiha, the Palestinian Minister for Uncontrollable Rage; Johann Phlegmat, the UN diplomat; and many other hilarious and sadly true-to-life memorable characters.

The Dayeinu song posted below is one of their wittiest and satirical and generally LOL-worthy that I have seen recently.

To see the Dayeinu segment on its own, without the rest of the “news” broadcast, move the time slider to 5.50.

PS: As a Petach Tikva resident the very last comment from Minister Fadiha totally cracked me up. 🙂 (although I’m sure I ought to be offended… Now I'm all confused!).


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