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Israel’s delusional leftists reveal their hatred

Today I received, via an email list, a letter with an alarming tale of an attack on a young Israeli couple with a baby in their car by leftists demonstrating near a new Jewish neighbourhood in Jerusalem. I reprint the … Continue reading

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More Antisemitism from Britain

In my previous post I questioned whether David Cameron’s resignation was a sign of more bad things to come or was it genuinely a case of lack of time. My instinct suggests the first option, and now there is more … Continue reading

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British PM Cameron resigns from JNF patronage

Is this a sign of bad things to come from Britain? Or is it truly, as Cameron’s office states, simply a matter of not having enough time?   David Cameron has stepped down from being a patron of the Jewish … Continue reading

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Flotilla to go ahead despite Rafah crossing reopening

Those self-righteous “peace”-loving Turks have triumphantly declared that the next flotilla to Gaza will be going ahead as planned despite Egypt opening the Rafah crossing with Gaza on Saturday.  Turkey has even gone so far as to warn Israel that: … Continue reading

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Egypt permanently opens the Rafah-Gaza crossing

Israel’s government has been rightly very concerned about Egypt’s plan to open the Rafah crossing to Gaza, effectively ending the blockade on Gaza. That, together with Egypt’s threats to abrogate the peace treaty between it an Israel, and the union … Continue reading

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Israeli leftists urge Israel’s suicide. Again

Israeli fifth-column leftists continue in their dangerous and delusional behaviour, their every move urging Israel on to potential suicide G-d forbid. Their latest shenanigan is a letter that they have written, addressed to I’m not sure whom, in which they … Continue reading

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