The terrorists have united

Further to my post on the eve of Yom Hashoah, and recapping a little, today Fatah (aka the Palestinian Authority, aka the “good” “moderate” Palestinians, the PA for short, those who officially rule in the Judea and Samaria, aka the West Bank) and Hamas (aka the “bad” Palestinians, terrorists, who rule Gaza) signed a unity pact in Cairo.

Abu Mazen and Ismail Haniyeh

Just to make us feel better, the “moderate” Abu Mazen says that there is no need for Hamas to recognize Israel.  Obviously the only thing that interests Hamas is  continuing the war against Israel.

Outrageously, Israel’s own traitorous Arab MK’s sat in at the signing ceremony.

Also participating in the ceremony were Israeli Arab MKs Ahmed Tibi, Mohammed Barakeh, Wasil Taha, and Taleb El-Sana.

MK El-Sana said at the ceremony, “We are happy to be a part of this event. It is a historic day for the Palestinian people and leadership, and a historic day for peace-lovers.

I’m not sure quite what peace he claims can come about when a deal is struck with out-and-out terrorists.

MK Barakeh said he realizes the Arab MKs’ participation in the ceremony will spark outrage among Israel’s rightists

It’s not only the demonised rightists who are outraged at this deal. Any right-thinking (morally right, not politically) human being would and should be outraged, no less at the delusion than at the condescension expressed in this view.

These traitors should not be allowed to return from Gaza in my humble opinion.

The UN (surprise – not) lent its imprimatur to the proceedings by sending their “Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process” Robert Serry.  Once again, the UN sides with the terrorists.

In any event, we know this unity pact is a bad deal because Jimmy Carter approves of it. Anything that is good for Jimmy Carter is bad for the Jews.  This was pretty bad timing on his behalf because his beloved Hamas promptly condemned the assassination of Bin Laden, thereby infuriating the Americans (excluding Jimmy Carter I presume).

Apparently the Palestinians themselves are rather more realistic and have only wary hopes for the success of this “peace” deal.

True to form, the British are already urging PM Netanyahu to join talks with the terrorists, threatening to recognize a newly-declared Palestinian state if Israel doesn’t surrender quickly enough.

[Mr. Cameron] is expected this evening to assure Mr Netanyahu of Britain’s continued support for Israel and its security needs and readiness to cooperate closely on issues like Iran, terrorism and wider security threats.

If he is so keen to assist Israel with its security and terrorism threats, how can he not see the huge threat arising from this pact between two terrorist organizations?  I am working on the assumption that “there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see”.

His message is understood to be that Mr Netanyahu should prove doubters wrong by engaging in serious peace talks on the basis of the 1967 borders and taking action to prevent illegal settlement construction in the occupied territories.

No one has ever yet explained why it is Israel who has to prove doubters wrong, and not the Palestinians. Why are the Palestinians never pressed to stop their terrorism and antisemitic incitement in their schools and their media?

It’s OK, I’m not expecting an answer to my rhetorical questions. We all know the answer anyway. It’s called prejudice.

UPDATE: The French have now joined in with the UK in their pressure on Israel to negotiate. And perfidious Albion (aka Britain)? :

Britain does not demand that Hamas recognize Israel as a prerequisite for statehood, unlike Quartet members the UN, EU, Russia and the US.

Now isn’t that just dandy?

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8 Responses to The terrorists have united

  1. reality says:

    I thought it would take more than just 24 hours for the EU Britain whoever to start “urging” netanyahu to talk with Hamas. The ink hasn’t even dried on the pact & already we have to talk & give in to terrorists. As you say why don’t the PA have to prove anything? Like why they think they’re entitled to land?As for the traitors their rights should be rescinded & they should be kicked out of office thats what any other democratic country would do to its traitors. Democratic=think & do what you like but expect the consequenses.

  2. Earl says:

    On a happier plane, and likely overlooked in the excitement of bin Laden’s dispatch: the election of the Conservative Harper federal (national) government in Canada guarantees Israel an absolutely solid, non-idiotarian, G8-member ally for the next four years. Durban 3? Ain’t goin’. “Palestinian” independence vote at UNGA? Unh-unh- nope! Attempts by the ICC to indict Israeli leaders (much as Olmert/Peretz/Livni should be jailed, but not by Eurocrats)? Not on Harper’s watch.

    /now, if he’d only abolish the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its Star Chamber, we’ll be well on the way to national sanity here.

    • anneinpt says:

      Earl, Canada’s election results were the best news we’ve had in ages. If only Canada had the same political clout as the US (which IMHO it ought to have) the world would be a much better place. Do you think Canada might influence the US? Or the EU? Can’t quite imagine it sadly. And even sadder, Canada doesn’t have veto powers at the UN. That would be our biggest support.

      At least Canada can be the world’s moral and political conscience.

  3. Earl says:

    Canada would have little or no influence on an Obama WH, as The One answers only to a far greater authority. Namely, Hisself.

    And Canada does not even register politically in Yurp (discounting the odd Bardot anti-sealing eruption).

    PM Harper will never break ranks with Israel, irrespective of the MSM and leftist shrieks of outrage. And they will be evermore vociferous and strident. Harper has sold out most of his other principles in his attempt to gain a majority, but Israel is sacrosanct.

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