Israeli leftists urge Israel’s suicide. Again

delusional leftists

Delusional leftists

Israeli fifth-column leftists continue in their dangerous and delusional behaviour, their every move urging Israel on to potential suicide G-d forbid.

Their latest shenanigan is a letter that they have written, addressed to I’m not sure whom, in which they urge the European Union to support the upcoming Palestinian bid for statehood in the UN in September.

More than 20 Israeli leftists, including public figures, academicians and authors, recently signed a letter urging European leaders to recognize Palestinian statehood, Ynet has learned.

The letter has been initiated by the Solidarity movement, which says that signatories include former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg, former Foreign Ministry Director General Alon Liel, and former Ambassador to South Africa Ilan Baruch.

Former politicians such as these should be ashamed of themselves, trying to initiate their own foreign policy over and above the state of Israel’s stated policies. They are nothing short of subversive, and possibly even treasonous. As for Avram Burg, who, after being head of the Jewish Agency took on French citizenship to live in France, and wished to abrogate the Law of Return, he is lucky his father, Dr. Yosef Burg, is not alive to witness the embarrassment that his son has wrought.

The academicians who signed the letter include Nobel laureate Professor Daniel Kahaneman and Israel Prize Winner Professor Avishai Margalit. Authors Nir Bar’am and Ronit Matalon also signed the petition.

Given the mutual suspicions between the sides and current foot-dragging, a Palestinian declaration of independence is not just a right, but also a positive, constructive step in favor of both peoples, the signatories say.

How do these wise academics imagine that an independent “Palestine” will ease the suspicions of Israelis too experienced in the terror of past “peace” agreements?

The petitioners say that as Israeli citizens they will support a Palestinian declaration of statehood based on the 1967 lines, with agreed-upon territorial swaps. The Gaza Strip, as long as it is ruled by a Palestinian leadership that recognizes Israel’s existence, will also be recognized as part of Palestine, the letter says.

Once again, how do they imagine this is going to happen? With Hamas having joined Fatah, and both parties declaring they will not abrogate the Hamas charter which refuses to recognize Israel, what is the point of this letter which just gives hope to the extremists?

The signatories then urge the states of the world to declare their willingness to recognize an independent Palestinian state based on the above principles.

Even President Obama in his speech said that Israel should not negotiate as long as Hamas is part of the picture. Why would these supposedly superior people advise the Europeans otherwise?

Dr. Alon Liel, who signed the letter, told Ynet why he decided to endorse the move.

“I’m still one of those who think and dream that it’s important to have a Palestinian state, even though this is not feasible in the foreseeable future,” he said.

Ah. That makes complete sense. Not.

“I think that if there is no vote in September on recognizing a Palestinian state, we shall find ourselves sliding even more rapidly into the slippery slope of a shared state, which I view as a true catastrophe.”

Where does he get that impression from? Why would the present situation change? Wait for it… the answer is coming…

“I am less concerned about violence and more concerned about apartheid,” the former Foreign Ministry director general says.

And there you have it – the big bogeyman.

“I think we need to stir hope among those who are losing hope that a Palestinian state is still possible. Even if it won’t be friendship, an unfriendly Palestinian state is preferable to having one state.”

Former Knesset Speaker Burg told Ynet that at this time only one view prevails in Israel, with no alternatives.

The settlers are scaring the prime minister

Riight. Of course! With their bombs and suicide vests and knife attacks on sleeping babies… oh, wait…

Seriously speaking, these dangerously stupid leftists have built up a gigantic bogeyman in their empty little heads, namely the settlers, and frightened themselves half to death. Or in this case they might cause the death of all of us through their surreal non-existent fear.

and Hamas scares the Palestinian government.

With these words the vile Burg has conflated the settlers, the peaceful,  contributing, Zionist builders of Israel, to the bomb-throwing, knife wielding, baby-murdering Hamas. I need say no more.

Hence, there are two states that need a responsible adult to save them, and it won’t happen without external intervention,” he said.

Of course! In their minds Israel needs to be saved from itself. And who better to do it than these sagacious folks?

Members of the Solidarity organization will be sending a letter to top European ambassadors in Israel Friday, asking them to convey the message to their governments.

If these former politicians and academics are themselves involved in conveying this message to foreign governments, could their actions be considered treason? Certainly on the moral level they are.  If they are so convinced that they are right and we are all wrong, they should brave the electorate and run for public office. Otherwise they should keep their demonstrating and opinions to writing strong letters to the editor. Or open a blog. Or miseducate the next generation.

A final point. Just who is this mysterious Solidarity organization? Are they related to the infamous antisemitic International Solidarity Movement?  These are the people who organize the weekly violent demonstrations at Bil’in, Naalin and Shimon Hatzadik (Sheikh Jarrah) amongst others.  Inquiring minds wish to know. I will keep you updated.

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  1. reality says:

    these people are traitors & as such should be treated as traitors & deported with their citizenship removed . When in France ,Britain or wherever ,they are vilified as Jews then maybe (or perhaps not) they may begin to understand what a lot of crock they talk.

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