Flotilla to go ahead despite Rafah crossing reopening

Mavi Marmara

Mavi Marmara from the infamous Gaza flotilla

Those self-righteous “peace”-loving Turks have triumphantly declared that the next flotilla to Gaza will be going ahead as planned despite Egypt opening the Rafah crossing with Gaza on Saturday.  Turkey has even gone so far as to warn Israel that:

“It should be known that Turkey will give the necessary response to any repeated act of provocation by Israel on the high seas,” Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said in an interview on NTV television.

all while, from the other side of their mouth, they claim that Turkey is not encouraging any convoy.

As for the upcoming flotilla:

Organizers of the Turkish flotilla to Gaza are adamant about going ahead with their plans to challenge Israel’s blockade next month despite official reports that the Rafah border crossing will be openedto Palestinians as of Saturday. [This article was written before the crossing was officially opened. -Ed.]

“We shall set sail, we have many surprises in store,” IHH spokesman Ömer Faruk said. “If there really is no blockade then there shouldn’t be a problem with us going there. Everything will become clearer next month.”

“Surprises”, right. Like the armed “peace” activists who were on board the last flotilla.  Of course Faruk knows, as does anyone else who has the slightest interest, that there is no blockade on any kind of humanitarian goods into Gaza, including food, medicines, building materials etc.

For example, on 26th May, 261 truckloads (6,158 tons) of goods, gas & fuel entered the Gaza Strip from Israel.

Faruk claims that had the previous flotilla not departed, the Rafah border would not have been opened. “That’s the language people understand, it’s the only way they will pay attention to Palestinian suffering. If there will be a more convenient way, we’ll take it, but right now our attention is focused on the population in Gaza.”

Well of course! Bringing their “aid” packages to Ashdod port or to the Karni crossing for Israel to distribute to Gaza is much more complicated than bringing them in on an illegal ship and illegally breaking a legal maritime blockade.

The spokesman declared they will act peacefully, adding “we only hope the Israeli side acts the same.”

All I can say is LOL! I wonder if they plan to be as peaceful as last time.

Earlier this week, IHH head Bulent Yildirim said, “Even if we sacrifice shahids (martyrs) for this cause, we will be on the side of justice.”

If these folks are so peaceful why are they talking about becoming shahids?  Regarding the IHH itself, make no mistake. It is no charitable organization but a terrorist organization with links to Hamas and al-Qaeda.

…..Israeli expat Dror Fyler, who heads the Gaza movement in Sweden is also planning to join the flotilla. “The opening of the crossing is good news both for Israel and the Palestinians,” he said. “It will reduce the pressure and give Gazans breathing space which will minimize the possibility of extremists exploiting the situation for violence.”

Who is this mysterious “expat Dror Fyler”? His name sounded familiar but it was the mis-spelling of Ynet that confused me and the search engines. His bio states that he is no simple “ex-pat”. He renounced his Israeli citizenship and is an extreme-left activist.

Fyler admitted that radicals may try to cause provocations. “I call upon representatives of the UN and the EU to board the ships and check the passengers and cargo before and after the sail.”

Wasn’t that what Israel wanted to do at the last flotilla?

“We hope the Israeli army has learned its lesson,” he said. “To start shooting is easy – stopping is not so easy. It will only be over when the blockade is over.”

He should add that he (and we) hope that the IHH and the Free Gaza movement have learned the same lesson: To start shooting is easy – stopping is not so easy.  If you don’t want the shooting to start, don’t come armed to the fight.

As for his last words: “It will only be over when the blockade is over.”, let me correct them:

It will only be over when Hamas is out of power and the Arabs recognize Israel’s right to exist as the sovereign nation state of the Jewish people.

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5 Responses to Flotilla to go ahead despite Rafah crossing reopening

  1. Earl says:

    With my apologies for an OT, but Pat Condell’s latest (perhaps, his finest?) is my response to all of this Islamist/Useful Idiot bollocks:


    On topic: IL has every right under customary international law to interdict and blockade. Full stop.

    • anneinpt says:

      No need to apologize. I saw that Pat Condell a few days ago. It’s been making the rounds virally here. It’s brilliant! He’s always brilliant :-).

      And to your on topic comment: yes, I know, we all know, that Israel has every right in the world etc. I wish everyone was as clear-minded as you. I just wanted to highlight the hypocrisy of the Turks.

      /I know, it’s a Sisyphean task but I’ve got to give it my best.

  2. Earl says:

    Kemalism is near-defunct; Erdogan is advancing aggressively an Islamic agenda, and to date the Turkish military is quiescent. Ergo, IL can ignore Turkey’s hypocrisy and interdict with extreme prejudice.

    /oh, and if any number of Canadian unionists and sundry Useful Idiots are taught a basic lesson in foreign policy by the IDF as a result, well, then, so be it… Spit.

  3. reality says:

    I like the fact that Dror Fyler said that its easy to start shooting but harder to stop. We boarded with PAINTBALL guns???!!!! so who found it hard to start/stop shooting?? dror? obviously the terrorists of IHH.duh! I hope we have figured out that paintball guns do nothing except cause a mess & we even got the condemnation of the whole world while we were at it so this time use the real thing. As stated if they only understand violence then use it.

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