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Iran announces its missiles can reach Israel and Europe. World apathetic

So much has been written defending Iran from accusations of nuclear proliferation, claiming its nuclear program is either non-existent or for peaceful purposes only, especially in the Israel-unfriendly Guardian, so it comes as rather a surprise to find a Guardian … Continue reading

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Sheikh Raed Salah, banned in UK, enters UK, gives speech

Via the redoubtable Richard Millett we learn that Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the extremist Islamic Movement’s northern branch, managed to evade customs checks and enter Britain despite being banned from entering the country. He then proceeded to give a … Continue reading

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“Non-violent” “peace” activists on flotilla planning to kill soldiers

So much for the “peaceful” “non-violent” intentions of the Gaza “aid” flotilla. Despite announcements from the Turks themselves that the terror organization IHH was not going to participate in the flotilla due to “technical reasons”, intelligence sources say that the … Continue reading

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Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism in modern Ireland

A very interesting and rather shocking article appeared in The Commentator last week dealing with antisemitism in modern Ireland: “The perfect liberal state: ‘Progressive’, European and Jew-hating” by Bernard McCabe, a London-based Irish writer. The article addresses the phenomenon of … Continue reading

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Alice Walker and the Flotilla of Fools

Upon reading author Alice Walker’s smug, self-serving and self-righteous justification of her participation in the Flotilla of Fools I was filled with both despair and bitter humour. Despair at the ignorant yet holier-than-thou attitude of all these “progressive” “liberal” participants … Continue reading

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Turkey-Syria border heating up

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s fight to stay in power at all costs has turned very quickly into a war against his own civilians. So crazed for power is he, so determined not to become yet another deposed Middle East leader, … Continue reading

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