The latest Pali-schtick: A flytilla

Leftist hypocrisy on Israel

Leftist hypocrisy on Israel

And now for some light entertainment.  Following on from the planned upcoming flotilla to Gaza (let’s not glorify it with the misnomer “aid” since it’s only intention is to villify Israel and not bring any major material assistance to Gaza residents), the Palestinians and their extreme-leftist supporters are planning what can only be called a “flytilla” – a mass fly-in to Israel.

…pro-Palestinians call on refugees to swarm into Ben-Gurion Airport, say 500 people already booked flights

Amid heightened tensions over the next Gaza-bound flotilla set to depart in June, pro-Palestinian elements are planning to send a large number of activists on commercial flights to the Ben-Gurion airport in the beginning of July, with the aim of showing solidarity with the Palestinians, embarrassing the Israeli government and raising awareness for the Palestinian right of return.

This is simply too funny for words. So much for the BDS effort. These anti-Israel “activists” will be bringing in valuable tourist dollars into Israel, paying airport taxes, and hope to embarrass the Israelis? 😀

A report published by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center claims the organizers of the event believe the “end the siege” convoys are “too limited” and broader actions are needed to “remove the blockade from the entire land of Palestine.

Ah, the truth will out. So it’s not the settlements after all. It’s Israel’s very existence that angers the Palestinians and their supporters. This is what Israel and most of its supporters have been claiming for a long time, only to be dismissed as “hysterical” or crying wolf.

According to the organizers’ website, the date of arrival to Ben-Gurion airport is set on July 8, because on July 9, 2004 the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an advisory opinion stating that the security fence erected by Israel is illegal.

Okaaay.  I’m not sure what one thing has to do with another, but if it keeps them happy who am I to argue.

According to the organizers, 500 people already booked their flights to Israel, including families and children hailing from Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

Way to go, boycotters!  Lots of visitors for Israel! A boost for tourism! Who could ask for more in a Mediterranean summer?

After holding a protest rally at Ben-Gurion Airport, the activists plan to travel to the West Bank for solidarity meetings with local Palestinians.

Good luck with that!  I wonder how they think they’re going to organize that or get away with it?

Fifteen organizations, most of which are Palestinian, are behind the fly-in initiative, including the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), which “specializes” in disrupting IDF activities in the West Bank.

Now there’s a surprise.

Meanwhile, Hamas sources also called on Palestinian refugees to arrive to Israeli airports on commercial flights as part of the “Naksa Day” events.

A message posted on the group’s website called Palestinian refugees to fly into Israel’s airports on June 4 and 5.

I wish they’d make up their minds. Are they protesting the defensive fence, the victory of the Six Day War or Israel’s very existence?

Read the talkbacks to the Ynet article. Some of them are truly funny.

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9 Responses to The latest Pali-schtick: A flytilla

  1. cba says:

    “Flytilla”–LMAO! (Is that an Anne Original, or did you get it from someone else?)

  2. cba says:

    Read the talkbacks to the Ynet article. Some of them are truly funny.

    And some, like Chris, are truly foul.

    [In response to the suggestion that the demonstrators be fined $500 each]:
    I know it is the Jewish way to seek profit from any situation, but imagine the headlines if families refuse to pay the $500 and their relatives start talking to the western media that the socalled democracy of Israel is holding men women and children incommunicado, without charge despite the fact they have return tickets to wherever.”(Nice response to Chris the Jew-hater from Martin)

  3. Earl says:

    Ben Gurion security will be able to quickly spot the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Jew-haters that fly in: sullen, lazy, rude, self-important, slovenly, entitlement-suffused. These are the same imbeciles that, in the face of the imminent loss of their livelihood (paper mail, anyone???), are currently holding a strike vote. Spit.

    Please note that despite them, Canadian PM Stephen Harper managed to bring home a Conservative (read, staunch Israel supporting) majority government last month. Canada is still filled with non-idiotarians…

    • anneinpt says:

      The irony of course is that these “refugees” are supposed to be poor, penniless, oppressed.. yet they have the money to fly across the world at the beginning of the most expensive season of the year.

      I’m just waiting to see their demo at BG Airport. Pass the popcorn 🙂

      And don’t worry Earl, we know that Canada is Israel’s best friend, one of the only true ones we have.

  4. reality says:

    whats the problem/let them continue to circle in mid air until the fuel runs out & then they’ll drop into the ocean ! they’ll be buried at sea just like their mentor Osama! & at the next cannes festival we’ll be able to watch it as an Israelivilifying documentary done by our peaceful leftists!

    • anneinpt says:

      LOL! You’ve got it all worked out and tied it all together :-). Sounds like a plan. But rather than letting them drop into the sea (a little bit violent even for those ba@st@rds) why not divert their plane to Beirut or Damascus?

  5. reality says:

    I have no problem with that but i don’t think those countries want their own peasants back! so if they get dropped in the sea we’ll be doing the world a BIIIG favour!

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