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NATO in Libya vs. Israel in Gaza: a study in bias and hypocrisy

A minor article in the Guardian caught my eye today and almost made me laugh for its faux naivete.  Yet despite its minimal size, the article is extremely illuminating as to how bias against Israel works in the international media. … Continue reading

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Will the US finally show some mercy towards Jonathan Pollard?

Morris Pollard z”l, Jonathan Pollard’s father, passed away over the weekend.  Pleas from Jonathan’s supporters to allow him to visit his dying father went unheeded. Now we wait and see if he will be allowed to participate in the funeral … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy: thy name is UN

Massacre in Syria… debate about Israel at the UN. Need I say more? See this video from UN Watch. Mr. President, History will record that the highest human rights body of the United Nations met today for no objective reason. … Continue reading

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