The cruel White House

Morris Pollard z"l

Morris Pollard z"l

In answer to my previous question – no, they didn’t. Release Jonathan Pollard to go to his father’s funeral, that is.

Not only did the US administration not allow Pollard to visit his dying father – just like they did not allow him to visit his dying mother or go to her funeral  – they did not permit him to attend his father’s funeral either.

To add insult to injury, the US administration, in their utter contempt for Israel and its leaders, did not even deign to give an answer – even a negative one – to Israeli and Jewish community requests for compassionate leave for Jonathan Pollard.

Sources close to the family say they are extremely disappointed that the US did not heed Israel’s pleas. Moreover, they were not even honored with a negative response, the sources say, and received only silence on the part of the US authorities.

Such is the way the US repays it friends. I am not talking about Jonathan Pollard who is considered a criminal in America. I am talking about the State of Israel and Jonathan’s late father Morris z”l, who as an American hero should have been accorded the dignity of his dying wish to see his son one last time and allow him to attend the funeral.

“The family expected different treatment, especially since Morris endangered his life for the state,” one source said.

“During World War II, when there was a need to perform urgent vaccination experiments he volunteered to have them tried on him despite the risk to his life. And this doesn’t even mention the many lives he saved as a researcher of cancer and other fields.”

The sad truth is we shouldn’t be surprised. With Obama at the helm in the White House, and having seen the way he has treated America’s allies, from Britain to Europe to Egypt to Israel, and the way he has pandered to America’s enemies, it would have been a miracle if Pollard had received his furlough or if Israel had been given the honour of an answer – any answer at all.

Forget looking at Israel – this, my friends, is what chutzpah looks like.

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8 Responses to The cruel White House

  1. DavidinPT says:

    I think that this is is an occasion when PM Netanyahu should make the following public statement: “Speaking personally, and not as Israel’s PM, i wish to state that following his conduct in the Pollard affair, I no longer believe that President Obama is a friend of of Israel’s or of the Jewish people. Speaking as Israel’s Premier, i am sure I will not allow my personal feelings to get in the way of doing my job.”. I think the message will resonate loud and clear.

    • anneinpt says:

      He should but he won’t. I don’t think he’s got the guts. I will be very pleasantly surprised if any leading Israeli politician outside the right wing says anything at all about Pollard.

      • reality says:

        perhaps its tme to say that the next time an Ameircan spy is caught here he should expect the same treatment as Jonathan Pollard ie say goodbye to the light of day until you die . Obama is just disgusting & the friends of the Pollard family shouldn’t say they are “disappointed” who cares about disappointed? they should outright state that they are disgusted at the White house’s behaviour & if thats the case then Israel shouldn’t do anything that its “friend/enemy insists on. Obama couldn’t sjow his true colours any clearer. May he be punished in a similar way

  2. Osirak says:

    Didn’t see you campaigning for Mordechai Vanunu when Israel kept him as a political prisoner in solitary confinement. And of course when he’d served his sentence and had to be released he was put under house arrest instead. Now all he wants is to allowed to leave “democratic” Israel. But you’d rather campaign for a traitor to go free because his father was old. Aww, bless. Earth to crazy person: if we let out everyone whose parents got old and sick the jails would be empty. Or is it just Jews you think deserve such special treatment?

    • anneinpt says:

      Dearie me, my blog has attracted so many antisemites lately. I am definitely touching a nerve here.
      You know nothing about me. You know that I didn’t campaign for Vanunu? How do you know that?
      Besides which, Vanunu disclosed state secrets. In other countries he would have been executed. He received 18 years and served them, and then was released. Pollard had his plea bargain rejected – but the most egregious part of his sentence was that he got 25 years with no parole when much worse spies, who revealed secrets to enemies of the US, not to allies, received only 4-10 years. It is that to which I am objecting.

      By your mention of Jews you show yourself to be the raving antisemite that you are.

      • Osirak says:

        Well, there’s nothing about Vanunu on your blog as far as Google can tell. Your blunt statement that he was released while ignoring the house arrest and refusal of permission to emigrate does nothing to convince me that you campaigned for him.

        And let’s remember that Israel is the kind of ally that sank the USS Liberty and machine-gunned its lifeboats. Yes, clearly slack must be cut for such a loyal friend of America.

        And since when was it antisemitic to mention Jews? You were the one suggesting that Pollard was being victimised by Caspar Weinberger because he was Jewish (and not because he was a traitor).

        You’re sick and need help.

        • anneinpt says:

          There is nothing about Vanunu on my blog for two reasons. One reason, and if you’re such an expert googler you would have known this by now, is that I set this up only a few months ago. Vanunu is old news. The second reason is that he is a traitor to my people and deserves everything he got and more. Now you might very well feel the same about Pollard. That’s your right. But one does not cancel out the other. The thing is, you’re just spoiling for a fight and found my blog to carry it out in.

          Re Israel sinking the Liberty – that is an old canard that has been debunked by the Americans themselves. Your believing and disseminating such conspiracy theories says everything about you and nothing about the event itself.

          As to mentioning Jews – may I remind you that you were the first one to bring up the subject on this post. Where did I mention Weinberger’s ethnicity? It was mentioned in a link that I linked to in a previous article, and in any event the theory has never been debunked.

          It is you who has an obsession with Jews and once again that speaks to your character.

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