Sheikh Raed Salah, banned in UK, enters UK, gives speech

Sheikh Raed Salah

Sheikh Raed Salah, head of Israel's northern branch of extremist Islamic Movement

Via the redoubtable Richard Millett we learn that Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the extremist Islamic Movement’s northern branch, managed to evade customs checks and enter Britain despite being banned from entering the country. He then proceeded to give a lecture to hundreds of his supporters.  To compound the felony so to speak, he was supposed to address supporters in … wait for it… the Houses of Parliament!  How any self-respecting law-abiding British MP can agree to hear a speech by a person banned from Britain by his own Home Secretary is an insult to any idea of justice (let alone logic).

Sheikh Raed Salah made it to Conway Hall in London last night to give a talk on The Arab Spring and its effect on the conflict in Palestine. The event was sponsored by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the Islamic Forum of Europe and Middle East Monitor.

Keystone Cops

Britain's Keystone Cops

According to the Evening Standard, Britain’s Keystone Cops couldn’t even find him in the very hall in which he was speaking.  It would be hilarious if it were not so serious.

Salah had been reportedly excluded by the Home Secretary. Detectives also reportedly arrived at last night’s event, but left after thinking he wasn’t there.

Richard Millett continues with his report (read it all):

Salah is the leader of the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel and is accused of having used the blood libel, which he denies. He served three and a half years in prison after having confessed to financing Hamas.

Not only was Salah there last night, he will also be speaking this Wednesday at the Grand Committe room of the Houses of Parliament alongside MPs Richard Burden, Jeremy Corbyn, Yasmin Qureshi as well as Lord Alf Dubs and the Palestinian Ambassador, Dr Manuel Hassassian. Ben White (anti-Zionist polemicist), Hind Khoury (Sabeel), Diana Neslen (Jews for Justice for Palestinians) and Ismail Patel (Friends of Al Aqsa) are also due to be speaking on Wednesday. The subject under discussion will be Building Peace and Justice in Jerusalem.

In updated news, the UK authorities have finally caught up with Sheikh Salah and he was arrested overnight.

According to the report, London Police arrested Salah overnight Tuesday after a warrant for his deportation was issued. Salah had given a lecture in Leicester and was due to address a portion of the British parliament, Al Jazeera reported.

It was not clear why Salah was arrested but reports said UK authorities were preparing to deport him.

Not clear? Perhaps because he was banned from entering in the first place?

Haaretz, typically, seems mystified as to Salah’s arrest and makes no mention of the fact that he was banned from entering in the first place.  The only reason they give is that it must have been the Jooz.

Nujeidat said that there is no explanation for the Islamic leader’s arrest, but he believes that it is largely due to the Zionist lobby and members of the British Jewish community.

The Evening Standard article linked in Richard Millett’s post reports that Theresa May, the Home Secretary, was furious at Salah’s evasion of his ban. What is more, the ban was part of the UK Government’s Prevent strategy – the one that is not working so well.

The disclosure comes two weeks after the Home Secretary launched the Government’s anti-extremism Prevent strategy, which said ministers would no longer tolerate those who hold views likely to foster hatred or division. Keeping out terror suspects and extremists on government watchlists was one of its central aims.

Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, who used to chair the counter-terrorism parliamentary sub-committee, said: “These are the same mistakes that have been going on for a decade now and which the new government vowed to correct. How has this been allowed to happen yet again?”

One possibility is that the UK Border Agency failed to serve papers on Mr Salah informing him he had been excluded. He may also have used another name.

As my kids would say: “Duh”.

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16 Responses to Sheikh Raed Salah, banned in UK, enters UK, gives speech

  1. richardmillett says:

    Thanks, Anne. You first brought us the news of his arrest as we were all waking up.

  2. Richard Tebboth says:

    Sheikh Raed Salah lecture at Red Lion Square on Monday: he was advertised by MEMo-PSC as ‘The Ghandi of Palestine’.
    There were only about 100 in the audience.
    The UK Race Relations Law is always applicable

  3. Richard Tebboth says:

    Other sources:
    Shaykh Raed Salah Arrested in London 29 June 2011
    Shaykh Raed Salaah, the most prominent Arab political leader from Jerusalem and defender of Masjid Al-Aqsa was arrested in London last night at the request of the Home Secretary Theresa May. He may now be deported.
    Shaykh Raed has worked tirelessly for years championing the rights of Palestinians both within Israel and the Occupied Territories. He has faced arrest and imprisonment on numerous occasions despite engaging in peaceful activities promoting Arab-Israeli and Palestinian human rights.
    It is claimed;
    1. Shaykh Raed was visiting the UK on a speaking tour which was to include a meeting in Parliament for MPs. His programmes were openly advertised during the past few weeks. Why did the Home Office not approach the organisers for any clarifications?
    2. Shaykh Raed has never been charged with anti-Semitism or any race related charges in Israel. On what basis does the British government then consider him to be “non-conducive to a multicultural society.”
    3. Shaykh Raed is one of the most prominent Arab political leaders and was elected as a mayor 3 times. HE IS NOT HATE PREACHER
    4. Shaykh Raed has commenced legal proceedings against two British newspapers for the false and potentially libelous accusations they have made against him including claims that he is anti-Semitic. By deporting him the British Government will interfere in these proceedings and deny him the right to clear his name.
    5. It appears Theresa May’s actions are not based on clear evidence but rather on hearsay and this is unacceptable behavior from the British government.

    Evidence either way??

    • anneinpt says:

      Richard Tebboth, do you have a link for the “other sources” and the points you raise in your comment?

      To answer some of them:

      1. It seems the British are incompetent at guarding their own borders.
      2. Raed Salah has been in prison in Israel for financing Hamas. That may not be strictly “race related” but there are other crimes against humanity besides racism.
      3. Just because he is a prominent Arab leader does not make him not a hate preacher.
      4. Lawfare – the last resort (and sometimes the first) of those trying to silence criticism against them.
      5. Theresa May’s actions are probably based on intelligence from other authorities, including Israel. That should not disqualify her decision. If anything, it strengthens it.

    • anneinpt says:

      Richard Tebboth, from your link above:

      It will curtail freedom of speech in this country. At a time when the universal laws to prevent war criminals to enter this country unchallenge are being threatened, the double standards are clear. They judge Muslims on rumours and fabrications and allow Israeli war criminals to enter.

      This is hilarious. Do these terror-supporters also protest the ban on Israelis entering the country, like former FM Tzippi Livni, Gen. Doron Almog, and Israeli politician Moshe Feiglin?

      They talk about double standards… too funny!

      As for Salah not being a hate preacher, have a look at these links:

      incitement 1

      incitement 2

      incitement 3

  4. anneinpt says:

    And more on Raed Salah and his terror connections:

    Raed Salah, Hamas and Interpal

    • anneinpt says:

      Thanks for the interesting links Brian. They reinforce what I was saying above.

      By the way, I thought I recognized your nic. Now I remember from where – I’ve read Engage Online a few times and “saw” you there. Welcome aboard here :-).

  5. Osirak says:

    If you’d ever been to the Conway Hall you’d know that apart from the main hall it’s a warren. I doubt whether half the people who wanted to hear him speak could find him either (:-))>

  6. elizabeth morley says:

    Anne, You talk about a “ban on Tzipi Livni”? What ban? Don’t you know that this very minute the Houses of Parliament are working through legislation (the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill) to make absolutely sure that Ms Livni can come here whenever she likes, talk to whomever she likes? You call “terror-supporters” those MPs who had invited Mr. Salah. Are you quite clear in your own conscience that you yourself do not support “terror” – the terror that Israel constantly doles out to its Palestinian brothers and sisters?

    • anneinpt says:

      Elizabeth Morley, as of this writing, Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak and various other members of Israel’s government and military are under threat of arrest the moment they set foot in England. So perhaps you’re technically correct that there is no “ban”, but in effect they are banned. When the shameful threat of arrest is lifted then there will be no ban. The threat of arrest comes not from the UK government per se, but from individuals – NOT politicians – mis-using and abusing a UK law that allows for “universal jurisdiction”, i.e. arresting anyone from anywhere in the world for “war crimes” the moment they set foot in the country. Of course this law has come to bite the UK back in its own tuchus becuase its own politicians and soldiers are now under the same threat fo arrest for their alleged “war crimes” in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq. It doesn’t feel so good when your own laws rebound on you, does it?

      I certainly do not support terror and I do not see the actions that Israel takes against Palestinian terrorists as terrorism, but rather as self-defense. If you cannot see that what Israel does is self-defense then I am afraid you are wilfully blind. Israel has never gone out of its way to target civilians, no matter what your biased leftist media friends tell you. Hamas and its Palestinian supporters use their own civilians as human shields which is a war crime in itself, and according to international law HAMAS and its supporters are the ones responsible for any harm to those civilians during the war.

      Hamas on the other hand purposefully targets Israeli civilians with its rocket-launching, suicide bombings, roadside shooting at motorists and all the other wonderful varied ways of killing humans which is the only thing of “value” the Palestinians have ever invented. Besides hijacking.

  7. kholoud says:


    The higher you build your barriers
    The taller I become
    The farther you take my rights away
    The faster I will run
    You can deny me
    You can decide to turn your face away
    No matter, cos there’s….

    Something inside so strong
    I know that I can make it
    Tho’ you’re doing me wrong, so wrong
    You thought that my pride was gone
    Oh no, something inside so strong

    • anneinpt says:

      You can claim whatever you want, but when fighting for your country involves terrorism then it is terrorism. Sorry about that.

      Nice poem though…

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