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Samir Kuntar injured in blast?

Is this good news that we hear? Rumours are rife that the arch-terrorist Samir Kuntar, released by Israel in exchange for the bodies of 2 kidnapped IDF soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, has been injured in an explosion in … Continue reading

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Social protests in Israel

Over the last month or so, social protests have erupted all over Israel. They started with the Great Cottage Cheese Crisis and snowballed from there on to protests about the high cost of housing, whether to buy or to rent, … Continue reading

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Why Danny Ayalon’s video is driving the Palestinians mad

Finally, Israel is beginning to make its case articulately, as Melanie Phillips writes today. Danny Ayalon’s video, The Truth about the West Bank, has enraged the Palestinians and here’s why: Until now, however, Israel’s spokesmen have largely ignored the fact … Continue reading

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Gas, oil and sun – meeting Israel’s new energy needs

Writing in Jewish Ideas Daily, Alex Joffe discusses the new gas and shale finds in Israel and the implications of these finds for Israel’s economy and security. Are abundant natural resources a blessing, or a curse? This is the sort … Continue reading

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Incomprehensible evil in Oslo

First of all, condolences to the people of Oslo and all of those who lost loved ones or who suffered injuries in the dreadful criminal terrorist attack on the government buildings and a youth summer camp. I could hardly keep … Continue reading

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How not to report on Israel (and how it can be done correctly)

Most of us are aware that much of the international mass media (and I include English Haaretz in this as they are considered the Israeli edition of the Guardian)  simply do not “get” Israel.  They either misunderstand, misrepresent or blatantly … Continue reading

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