About that ceasefire and Egypt’s reaction

Iron Dome in action

Iron Dome in action

Remember that ceasefire we are all getting so het up about just a couple of days ago? We shouldn’t have bothered wasting our breath or wearing out our keyboards, because here we go again: 7 rockets launched at the south, IDF retaliates.

The Israel-Hamas ceasefire was breached again Wednesday as seven rockets hit southern communities. A rocket fired from the northern Gaza Strip exploded in an open field south of Ashkelon Wednesday evening. Minutes later, two additional rockets hit an open area near Ofakim. Shortly thereafter, two other rockets landed near the Eshkol Regional Council, which later saw two extra Qassam landings.

There were no reports of injuries or damage. An alarm was sounded in Beersheba and other southern communities.

Air Force jets attacked a terrorist cell in Gaza belonging to the Islamic Jihad’s military wing, the al-Quds Brigades, in response to the rocket fire. A member of the group’s rocket unit was killed in the strike. The IDF confirmed the report and said it had hit a cell which launched two rockets at the Eshkol regional Council.

The Islamic Jihad threatened Israel with a “qualitative response” to the assassination of a senior Jihad militant Wednesday morning.

Spokesman Abu Ahmed said that the factions agreed to a calm but that Israel was the one not interested in a calm.

A music festival which was scheduled to take place in Ashkelon was canceled as a result. Shortly before the rockets were fired, residents of the Gaza vicinity communities were instructed to enter fortified spaces following a rocket alert.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Home Front Command ordered a return to routine after mortar shell fire directed at the Eshkol Regional Council resumed in the morning hours.

On Tuesday night, an Islamic Jihad operative who was involved in the attacks near Eilat last week was eliminated in an IAF air strike. The terrorist group vowed to take revenge.

The Iron Dome system intercepted 3 missiles but even so, a baby was slightly hurt, and damage was sustained to several vehicles and buildings.

The Muqata is liveblogging the rocket attacks in the south.

So just to keep this straight in our heads:

  • A ceasefire was arranged.
  • Terrorists fire rockets.
  • IDF hits back, killing a terrorist.
  • Terrorists swear bloody revenge.
  • Terrorists fire rockets.
  • IDF hits back.
  • Terrorists claim Israel is not interested in keeping the peace.
  • Etc. ad infinitum or ad nauseum whichever comes first.

My only real question is how can the terrorists keep a straight face while making such outrageous claims such as “Israel is not interested in peace.”

Speaking of which, and going back to my previous post linked above. it appears that three of the terrorists who attacked last Thursday were Egyptian.

Three of the terrorists in last week’s coordinated attacks near Eilat were Egyptian members of an extremist Islamic group, an Egyptian newspaper reported.

The Egyptian daily newspaper Al-Masry Al Yaoum reported that one of the terrorists had escaped from an Egyptian prison during the recent spring revolution that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak. The identities of the terrorists were discovered during an investigation into the incident by the Egyptian security forces, according to the newspaper. The three terrorists were killed in firefights with Israeli troops.

The Egyptian investigation also reportedly found that Israeli troops entered the Sinai Peninsula in pursuit of the terrorists, and that the troops exchanged fire with Egyptian forces. Five Egyptian policemen and soldiers were killed in the fighting.

Anti-Israel protests in Cairo

Anti-Israel protests in Cairo

But wait!  Did Egypt not demand, straight facedly as demanded by Arab “honour”an apology from Israel for their gall in killing Egyptian border guards – who now turn out to be part of the attack in the first place. For the Israeli cheek in pursuing terrorists over an open border and killing them on foreign soil?

Once again the Egyptians show us that despite it being a Yiddish word, it is the Arabs who really knows the meaning of Chutzpah.

What are the bets that Israel will now demand an apology from Egypt? Not one actually, but two are owing: one for accusing Israel of unnecessary violence and killing “innocent” guards, and one for allowing a situation where their own citizens can plan and take part in a terror attack on Israel.

And all this is without mentioning the riots, demonstrations and flag-burning going on at Israel’s Cairo embassy.  Can you imagine similar riots taking place in Israel against Egypt?

Don’t hold your breath for we won’t stoop to their level.  However, I do recommend you read this apology to Egypt.  It is much more to my liking.

Dear Egypt,

I am so very sorry. I am sorry that you and your leaders are so filled with hate towards Israel and so desperate to find someone to blame for you troubles that you are stupid enough to set aside more than 30 years of peaceful coexistence and cooperation. I am sorry to see you chipping away at the peace achieved through the hard work of brave leaders who saw beyond the battles and the pain. I am sorry to see you choosing instead the path of destruction and bloodshed.

Indeed, I am sorry that you seem too stupid to realize that when you have a revolution, and then end up with the military in charge, you didn’t really get a revolution. I wish you directed your anger at this failed revolution, not at Israel.

Read the rest. You know you want to.

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13 Responses to About that ceasefire and Egypt’s reaction

  1. Pshaw. Silly Israelis! “Cease fire” mean YOU cease firing, not those calling for the ceasefire.

  2. Brian Goldfarb says:

    ‘My only real question is how can the terrorists keep a straight face while making such outrageous claims such as “Israel is not interested in peace.”’

    Anne, I do hope that this sentence is ironic. Back during and after Operation Cast lead, Hamas and Hamas sympathisers kept insisting that Israel and not Hamas had broken the (so informal it was invisible) truce between the two. This despite the 3000 (or far more) rockets launched at Israel before Cast lead started and despite Israeli government warnings as to what would happen if they didn’t stop. It took considerable patience to avoid being rude to those who took the view noted in above while commenting on Engage, my usual commenting home.

    Further, the “apology” you link to from Ynet reminds me (I’m that old) of the title of a book of cartoons and comment from Kishon & Dosh (we have copies of both English & Hebrew versions on our shelves) on the 6-Day War entitled “So Sorry We Won”. The irony was not lost on me then.

    And, remember, this is from a Brit who doesn’t share your (apparent) support of the Likud-led government. Just an old-fashioned lefty (but not one of Nick Cohen’s “What’s Left?” “progressives”.

    • Earl says:

      You touch on an important point: Israel accepted the lull as a truce; to the “Palestinians” it was simply a hudna.

      Utterly different animals. As in, the difference between Marquess of Queensberry Rules v. a sucker-punch and being shivved in a back alley with the assailant’s g-d’s blessing…

      • anneinpt says:

        I don’t think Israel, and the IDF in particular, saw the ceasefire as anything other than a lull. The only question was “why now?” when the IDF could have – perhaps – quashed the terrorists altogether. At that time, as in so many other times before, Israel decided to keep the peace as long as the terrorists don’t shoot. The minute they started up again, that was the end of it.

        One can argue about the tactics of it, especially as we all know the terrorists will start shooting again sooner rather than later, but no one was fooled that it wouldn't start again. Whether the decision to agree to a ceasefire was political (probably) or IDF operational (unlikely) is the principal question.

    • Brian Goldfarb says:

      Further, I took (and take) great pleasure in posting the link to Col Richard Kemp’s (British army, retired) 3+ minute presentation to the UN Human Rights Council on the IDF avoiding civilian casualties: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX6vyT8RzMo
      whenever appropriate. If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy!! And even if you have, enjoy again!

      • anneinpt says:

        I included that link in a reply to a commenter on the previous thread. Col. Kemp is outstanding! In fact, I’m going to add this link in my sidebar under “resources”. Thanks for the reminder!

    • anneinpt says:

      Brian, you bet I was being ironic! Perhaps being away from England for so long has made my irony a bit too much understated? 🙂

      I remember that book of cartoons! (I was a 9 yr old during the 6 day war, so I do remember that far back!). Even at that young age I appreciated the cynical humour.

      As for left/right, the left today has been hijacked by Marxists, Trotskyites and plain old anti-semites. The sane left has been silenced if not disappeared. People forget that it was the left who founded Israel – and the left who started up the settlements.

      • cba says:

        For a couple of “sane left” blogs, I point to normblog (which you have on your blogroll)and Harry’s Place. And then of course there are sane lefties like Nick Cohen.

  3. reality says:

    I never understood why Israel agrees to a ceasefire that is “offered” by the Arabs-we all know its not a ceasefire just that the other side are getting scared & need a breather to recoup, so why doesnt the IDF say no thanks but we don’t want no ceasefire we’ll continue until you’re all finishe/dead /whatever

    • anneinpt says:

      It’s what we’d all like, but I think realpolitik gets in the way, which takes us back in a circle to my previous post about the ceasefire.

      Here we go round the mulberry bush…

    • I need to draw a parallel with North Korea once again. Of course, you are correct about the enemy reasons for calling for a cease fire (as opposed to just cease firing themselves). Today the “Norks” are again calling for “talks” and proposing they’ll give up pursuit of WMD (and maybe provocative attacks) in exchange for more aid in food and materials. It’s a lie and anyone semi-conscious knows it. Well, maybe not “anyone” as the attacks sent against the south receive little publicity unless they particularly egregious. Trust me, please, (I’ve been there, I’ve seen it first hand) when I suggest there is no such thing as a “safe” day in the vicinity of the Han Estuary or the Nothern Limit Line in the Yellow Sea. None of this is further north of the Seoul-Inchon region than one days slow walk.

      Why, yes, I have an affection for South Korea dating back over 40 years now. The industry and culture deserve it. The bulk of the county’s governance is within artillery range of the North, the DMZ being a few scant miles north of Seoul. It is within one day’s march of infantry as well, maybe a half day considering mechanized forces. Consider that the north has one of the world’s largest standing armies. Okay, relax and enjoy, right? Somehow they do.. In short, South Korea lives day to day with an existential threat, yet it has progressed famously from rural backwater to modern nation capable of helping others.

      If anything, I fear that the rapid modernization and expansion of freedom may have made them “soft.” They’ve had a diverse series of governments from extreme right to Pollyanna liberal and back. I have a similar concern for Israel, whose IDF is rivaled only by the ROK Army and Marines for deliberate & measured ferocity in battle. If I had my own back to a wall, in desperation, should it occur, let me be protected by the ROK’s or the IDF … and I say that as one who is already protected by the most powerful armed forces on the planet. We too are challenged and risk softness, not of our soldiers but of our leadership.

      In this Israel is literally the canary in our coal mine. The ROK is nearly so. All of our lives, long term, depend upon their success, their victory in the end.

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