Hit-and-run and stabbing terror attack in Tel Aviv

Stolen cab used in attack

Hijacked cab used in terror attack

Yet another terror attack which you will probably not read about outside of Israel and the Jewish media until Israel takes defensive action – and possibly not even then.

Eight people were injured in south Tel Aviv early Monday morning, when a terrorist from the West Bank carjacked a taxi and rammed it into a police road block protecting a Tel Aviv nightclub, before going on a stabbing spree.

Police said the terrorist, a 20-year-old Nablus resident, entered a taxi near the beginning of Salameh Street, and hijacked the vehicle, stabbing the driver in the hand. He then drove for approximately a kilometer down Salameh Street towards the Haoman 17 nightclub, which was filled with high school children at an end-of-summer party. At the time of the attack, almost all of the teenagers were inside the club.

Border Police had set up a precautionary road block ahead of time at the entrance to the club on Abarbanel Street, in Tel Aviv’s Florentine neighborhood. The terrorist rammed the road block, and struck a number of civilians and a border policeman.

“He then got out of the car, screamed Allah Akbar [God is Great], and went on a knife attack,” a police spokeswoman said.

The eight people injured in the attack were all Border Police officers and security guards. One was seriously injured, two were moderately injured and three were lightly injured. The remaining casualties were released from hospital after receiving medical treatment.

A police source said that the road block had prevented a far worse outcome.

Israel Radio reported that the attack was coordinated to strike a large youth party being held in the area.

Such brave people, those Palestinian martyrs, attacking a crown of unarmed teenagers.

The nightclub security guards who were injured recount their story:

Security guards working at the south Tel Aviv night club targeted by a terrorist Sunday night recalled the moments of horror from their hospital beds, and said that the outcome could have been much worse had the attacker managed to enter the club.

“I have no doubt that he was trying to get to the kids,” one of Haoman 17’s security guards, Aviv Krief, told Ynet. “I’m afraid to think what would have happened if he succeeded. There were thousands of kids there. It was a miracle they weren’t hurt.” Krief was hit by the by the terrorist’s car in the first moments of the attack, and suffered broken bones.

“We were securing the party when we heard a loud noise about 100 meters from the club’s entrance,” he recounted the sequence of events. “We ran to the crash site, where I saw an officer lying on the road in a puddle of blood.

“Then I saw the terrorist with a large knife. He wouldn’t stop stabbing. He was gripped by insanity, he thrust his knife over and over without stopping or talking. I immediately jumped on him and tried to take the knife out of his hand. I punched him hard to stun him, but he managed to stab me as well. ”

The guard, who asked to remain unnamed, said the outcome could have been worse.

“He had murder in his eyes,” he said. “It took us a few minutes to subdue him. The club was full of kids. If he would have reached them, it could have ended in a bloodbath.”

A., a guard working at another nearby club, lunged at the attacker to try to pry the knife out of his hand, but was stabbed as well. He said that the Border Guard officers serving on the scene played a significant part in preventing further bloodshed.

“They were heroes,” he said. “I have no words… the terrorist fought like a lion and screamed ‘Allahu Akbar.’ He was an average person, but very strong.”

And here is the significant part of the story: the preparedness of Israeli forces for all events:

Supervisor Lior Hen, who witnessed the terror attack and took part in arresting the perpetrator, said that the Border Guard was instructed by the police to increase security around night clubs for the duration of the summer break.

“The Tel Aviv backdrop creates a sense of security, but our training prepare us for such incidents exactly,” he said. “Thanks to our training sessions, we knew how to act swiftly to prevent more injuries.”

Isn’t it sad that a party for schoolkids needs not only a police presence to prevent drunken and rowdy behaviour, but to prevent terror attacks. What a nice neighbourhood we live in.

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8 Responses to Hit-and-run and stabbing terror attack in Tel Aviv

  1. almsco says:

    The Austrian Newspapers are reporting it as a terror attack. See: http://derstandard.at/1313025386669/Israel-Verletzte-nach-Angriff-in-Tel-Aviv

  2. Dang. Tel Aviv starting to sound like Detroit! 🙂

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  4. anneinpt says:

    Wow. Surpise! The Guardian has a short video and (short) story about the incident.

  5. floranista says:

    The press here in the US didn’t cover it. They were too busy getting covered in sea foam/waste material while covering Irene petering out. Gotta be in the midst of things, doncha know?

    Sheesh, even AJ covered it ;
    “According to Al Jazeera’s Cal Perry, the Israeli police are calling it a “terror attack”.”

  6. Brian Goldfarb says:

    “Such brave people, those Palestinian martyrs, attacking a crown of unarmed teenagers.”

    I thought I’d share a comment I posted on another site (Engage) when the subject of the Mumbai attack on the Chabad House came up. “Bill” suggested that the terrorists should have attacked the Israeli Consulate if they _really_ wanted to make a point about Israel and martyr themselves, but, of course, the Consulate would have fired back. “Noga” wondered what Bill meant. Thus, my comment:

    Noga, I suspect that Bill’s irony quotient is so high it’s been mistaken for seriousness. My reading is that Bill wants us to take the point that attacking any soft target, under whatever excuse or ideological justification, is the easy way out: many “enemy” dead, however vulnerable, unarmed or innocent. Now, if they had really wanted “genuine” martyrdom, they should have attacked the Israeli consulate. There, they would have been, probably, cut down within seconds of opening fire by the armed Israelis inside: glorious martyrdom at no cost to the ideological enemy except a few rounds of ammunition. How much more “glorious” to massacre unarmed civilians, it says here in the martyrs of Jihadism handbook.

    • anneinpt says:

      Excellent points and well said Brian. The Mumbai attack, and all the other hundreds and thousands of terror attacks by Muslim terrorists are always against “soft” targets. They are not brave at all. They are cowards and bullies. They always claim that the targets were military – not to justify the attack but to cover themselves in pseudo-glory.

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