A milestone

25,000 page views

Today this blog marked a great milestone for me, when it passed the 25,000 page views mark.

(Sidenote: at this momentous stage, I’m trying once again to register this blog on Technorati and include my Keycode KE2WYT5VDYRF)

When I started, not even a year ago, back last January, I had high hopes but some concerns about how I would get the word out since my daily page views were often in the single digits.  Of course I’m nowhere near the levels of the big bloggers, but I’m happy that my readership is growing slowly but surely.

So thank you to all my readers, in particular those who share my posts on twitter, facebook and by email. Special thanks too to the commenters who liven this place up.  Discussion is the lifeblood of blogs so please don’t be shy!

I would like to thank all those blogs who have linked me or who have listed me in their blogrolls,  in particular to CifWatch, Legal Insurrection, Elder of Ziyon and Richard Millett. Thank you too to my good friend Hannah at Mother in Israel who gave me many blogging and Twitter tips and who gave my blog its initial push by promoting me on her website and twitter page.

This huge milestone has arrived at a perfect time in the calendar, being the Eve of the Jewish New Year.

May we all continue to have success in our blogging and in our fight for Israel’s and the Jewish People’s good name.

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15 Responses to A milestone

  1. Harnew says:

    Congrats on the milestone! 30k is next.

  2. Earl says:

    Mazel tov, annie!

    And l’shana tova. Hope it’s a good one for you and your family.


  3. floranista says:

    Yes, mazel tov!!

    So glad you’re back, annie, whew, the conspiracy theories were flying around in my head, lol!

  4. floranista says:


    Er, could you delete one of those, annie?

    Now where is that red-faced emoticon…

  5. floranista says:

    I’m just thankful it’s back!!

    I love the Rosh Hashanah video you posted on the top 🙂

  6. reality says:

    well done -next stop pulitzer prize for best blogger! Shana tova & thanks for the food -twas delicious! as was singing together for 3 days especially to other half & our brothers voices!

  7. DavidinPT says:

    Well done Anne! If your blog has been running for a year, then that’s an average of 68 views a day.
    Considering that you don’t get anything like that number of comments, it means that most viewers must agree with what you write. That’s another interesting and encouraging statistic. Do you track how many comments you’ve had? And BTW, delighted that the website was restored. Did you ever get an explanation from WordPress? You can let me know off-line……

    • anneinpt says:

      Thanks David. I’m not sure that everyone who doesn’t comment agrees with what I say, but we can live in hope!

      All I got from WordPress was “sorry, that should never have happened”. At least it came back pretty quickly after that.

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