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The Arab Spring flowers in Tunisia – ushers in Islamist party

Tunisia has been regarded as one of the only successes of the Arab upheaval, having managed to avoid the huge bloodshed and violence which have characterised the revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain.   Yesterday Tunisia held its first … Continue reading

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Powerful earthquake hits eastern Turkey, near Iran border

With eerie timing, a powerful earthquake (from 6.6 to 7.2 on the Richter scale, depending on who is reporting) has hit eastern Turkey, near the city of Van. A magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit near Van in southeastern Turkey on Sunday … Continue reading

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Turkey sends 10,000 troops across Iraq border. Double standards at work

Reeling from an assault on a Turkish army post by PKK fighters, leaving 24 Turkish soldiers killed, Turkey dispatched 10,000 troops to its border area with Iraq, crossing into Iraqi territory in an attempt to hunt down the Kurdish PKK … Continue reading

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Ghaddafi is dead

Wishing חורף טוב – a “good winter” to everyone (the traditional greeting at the end of Sukkot), it was very much in keeping with the atmosphere of joy and anticipation towards the start of a new year that we learned … Continue reading

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Chag Sameach once again: Simchat Torah 5772

After 3 weeks of chagim (festivals), starting off with the solemn Rosh Hashana, continuing on through the fast day of Yom Kippur, followed closely by Sukkot, we are now hurtling straight into the last day of the festive season: Simchat … Continue reading

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Some religious perspectives on the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange

As I wrote in my earlier post, and in my other posts about the “Shalit deal” as the prisoner exchange has come to be known in Israel, views are split as to the wisdom and even the legality of releasing … Continue reading

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