Palestine UN vote cancelled due to lack of public interest

Palestine at the UN

Palestine, not coming any time soon to the UN

OK, I exaggerate slightly. There has been plenty of public interest in the Palestinians’ attempt to establish a state via the back door through the UN Security Council. Sadly for them, public interest does not add up to an actual vote in their favour: the Palestinians cannot gain a majority in UN Security Council to vote in favour of their application to recognize a state of Palestine.  Score 1 for Israel, for the moment at least.

Portuguese UN ambassador says Security Council receives report on Palestinian Authority application for full UN membership and will discuss any future initiative; decision harms PA push for UN recognition.

A UN Security Council committee said on Friday it had failed to reach agreement over a Palestinian Authority application for full membership in the United Nations, the Portuguese UN ambassador said.

The decision by the council’s admissions committee brought the Palestinian Authority’s push for UN recognition of a Palestinian state, one step closer to collapse.

It is now up to Palestinian Authority, who have so far been unable to secure the nine votes needed to pass a Security Council resolution favoring their UN bid, to decide whether or not to call a vote on their application.

They currently have only eight supporters, diplomats say. If the Palestinian delegation chooses to force a vote without securing nine votes, the United States would not need to use its veto power to block it.

The Palestinians’ failure at the Security Council robs them of the opportunity to embarrass the United States by forcing them to use their veto against the resolution:

But a vote was put off while the Palestinians decide whether to press the issue after concluding that they do not have enough support in the security council even to claim a moral victory in the face of a US pledge to veto recognition of a state.

The Palestinians appear able to muster only eight of the nine votes they need to win approval after France joined Britain in saying it would abstain even though Paris last week backed recognition of a Palestinian state by Unesco.

That would save the US having to wield its veto and deny the Palestinians the moral victory they hoped to take to a UN general assembly vote where they are expected to win the lesser position of enhanced observer status.

One option under consideration by the Palestinians is to force the vote anyway and let the US, Britain and France, among other countries, explain why they have not supported it.

The Palestinians seem awfully concerned about the “moral high ground” although no one has ever fully explained why voting against the establishment of a racist, murderous, apartheid, terrorist-led Judenfrei state would be considered losing the moral high ground rather than proudly attaining it.

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