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Oops! Turkey kills 35 of its own citizens. Double standards at work

On the night of 28th December, Turkey accidentally killed 35 of its own citizens in an air raid along its border with Iraq. Thirty-five villagers were killed and another was injured in a Turkish military air raid along the Iraqi … Continue reading

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Agreement reached to save Ramat Gilad

Ramat Gilad is an “outpost” near the settlement town of Karnei Shomron in the Shomron (Samaria). There has been a concerted effort over the years by the left to have it destroyed on the tenuous grounds that it is an … Continue reading

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Israeli pencils of doom

Forget Iran and its nuclear ambitions. Forget Iraq and its implosion following the departure of American troops. Forget North Korea and its instability following the death of Kim Jong-Il. The real scandal, the true source of terror in the Middle … Continue reading

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Out of Africa – the Middle East connection

Two stories concerning the Middle East but originating in Africa have emerged in recent days, albeit in two completely different countries and in unrelated events. In the first story, Nigerian Islamists showed how peace on earth works by bombing three … Continue reading

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Second Temple seal discovered in Jerusalem – perfect timing for Channukah

Israeli archaeologists unearthed a wonderful find in Jerusalem this week, in the same area as previous Temple-era artefacts were discovered earlier this year, and with perfect timing for Channukah which celebrates the rededication of the Temple. Just as the holiday … Continue reading

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A Eurabian Christmas from Latma

Latma TV (edited by Caroline Glick of Jerusalem Post fame) has come up with another brilliantly satirical video. No commentary is needed from me.  Just watch it and and enjoy! (You may feel like weeping by the end though).

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