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Chutzpah from Lebanon

Chutzpah may be a Yiddish word but it seems our Arab neighbours have taken it and run with it into a whole new dimension. Following the firing of katyusha rockets into Israel from Lebanon last week, Lebanon has filed a … Continue reading

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Syria test-fires Scuds amid escalating tension

In an ominous sign of escalating tensions, Syria yesterday test-fired Scud missiles “to defend the Syrian homeland”. The Syrian Arab News Agency reported Sunday that the Syrian army has staged a live-fire drill in the eastern part of the country … Continue reading

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Why is America bashing Israel now?

Following on from the two insults hurled at Israel in recent days, by Leon Panetta and by the US Ambassador to Belgium, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton threw her own hat into the ring when she declared herself concerned about … Continue reading

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