The lighter side of the West Bank Story

Comedian Jon Stewart has a very funny “news” skit about the true history of the West Bank on his program The Daily Show.  Click that link to see the video and learn how the Jewish homeland is really in Halifax, Novia Scotia.  Yes – you read that right. 😀

Seriously, although the premise is hilariously funny, there’s a very large kernel of truth in the whole video.

Unfortunately WordPress does not allow me to embed the video directly (Only YouTube is embeddable but I haven’t found it there. I would be grateful if someone could find it there for me), so click on the above link, watch, learn and have a good belly-laugh.

(h/t Israel Matzav)

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One Response to The lighter side of the West Bank Story

  1. reality says:

    oh that was just brilliant!I hope Obama, clinton , Panetta et al watch it . If only real life was just as ridiculously funny
    Thank you for sharing that link with us

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