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Ireland and Israel: closer ties or further tension?

Ireland’s Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore began a 3-day trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories last Friday, raising questions whether the level of diplomatic tension between the two countries would rise yet again. Gilmore’s visit to Gaza sparked a typically … Continue reading

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Buycott Israel

A new trend that has been developing amongst pro-Israel activists is to promote a “buycott” – the exact opposite of a boycott, that most popular tool of the BDS (Boycott Sanctions Divest) anti-Israel haters.  The purpose of a buycott is … Continue reading

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Israel’s new energy developments

In more good news that is a direct result of other good news, we read that an undersea electricity cable, the longest in the world, is to be laid between Israel, Cyprus and Greece, powered by Israeli and Cypriot natural … Continue reading

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Turkey is Hamas’ new supporter

It has not taken long for Hamas to find a new sugar-daddy, having found that life in Syria is becoming rather uncomfortable and they have begun to cosy up to Turkey. Shimon Peres reversed the roles played in the 2008 … Continue reading

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Holy Bat-Cave!

OK, so it’s not exactly holy but I couldn’t resist the Batman reference. A new bat-talion of bat caves (sorry…) has been discovered in abandoned IDF forts along the Jordan Valley. Soldiers left Israel’s underground forts along the frontier with … Continue reading

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The ISIS report on nuclear Iran – misreported, revised or contradictory?

The MSM (mainstream media) worldwide is trumpeting a report from the American research institute ISIS (US Institute for Science and International Security) which seems to reinforce their pacifism and defeatism regarding Iran when they put underline that ISIS reports that … Continue reading

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