Another explosion in Damascus, dozens killed

There has been another huge explosion in Damascus with dozens killed and scores injured.  The explosion comes just over 2 weeks after a similar deadly bomb, and once again the regime blames Al Qaida, when it is just as likely that the bomb was activated by the regime itself.

11.48am:  The”terrorist” bombing rocked Damascus on Friday causing casualties among civilians and the security forces, state media reported, barely a fortnight after two suicide bombers killed 44 people in the Syrian capital.

The “powerful explosion” struck in the Midan neighbourhood in the heart of the city, state television said.

“The attack took place in a heavily populated working-class neighbourhood near a school” and “killed and wounded dozens of people,” said the state television.

The Guardian quotes from a Syrian blogger:

Syrian blogger Maysaloon writes that when examining culpability for today’s reported suicide attack in Damascus, “we cannot rule out rogue elements in the opposition” but adds that there are several questions that need answering:

The fact that only hours beforehand, Colonel Riad al Asaad had warned of further attacks against the regime, has only stoked the fires of propaganda against the Free Syrian Army.

Yet the fact remains, why would a suicide bomber carry out such attacks with such timing and limited success, when there are enormous pro-regime demonstrations that are held in the Ummayad square or in Aleppo?

In fact, why is it only the anti-regime demonstrations that get shot at if the regime’s story of armed groups is true? Wouldn’t an armed group attack pro-regime demonstrations?

Shouldn’t common sense tell us that a more sensational target would be the pro-regime demonstrators? Or perhaps carrying out the bombings on a day that would not distract from the anti-regime protests that happen each Friday? Finally, al-Qaida or any of these terrorist groups usually relish the opportunity to declare their responsibility, so why has nobody stepped forward yet?

11.36am: The renegade Free Syrian Army (FSA) has denied responsiblity for the explosion in Damsacus.

Will the real perpetrator ever be revealed?

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