Europe’s Chutzpah in attempting to undermine Israel’s sovereignty in West Bank

No to the EU

No to the EU

I was astounded to read of the European Union’s perfidy in declaring that they intend to pursue building and infrastructure projects in Area C of the Judea & Samaria (West Bank for short) without attempting to gain permission from Israel.

The European Union has decided to pursue a series of steps which may undermine Israel’s control of Area C in the West Bank, an official EU document obtained by Ynet on Thursday suggests.

The Oslo Accords divided the West Bank into three areas of control: Area A which is under the Palestinian Authority’s full control; Area B, which is under Palestinian civil controls and shared Israeli-Palestinian security control; and Area C, which is controlled by Israel.

The document, titled “Area C and Palestinian state building,” harshly criticizes Israel’s policies in the West Bank, claiming they have caused the Palestinian population in Area C to shrink significantly and recede into enclaves.

The EU, the brief said, aims to:

  • Encourage Israel to change its policy and planning system for Area C and engage the Palestinian communities in access and developments
  • Reduce land and population vulnerability and facilitate better coordination of basic needs deliveries in Area C
  • Promote economic development in Area C
  • Increase visibility and accountability for the delivery of aid in Area C

The diplomats state that “The window for the two-state solution is rapidly closing… and Area C is the only contiguous area in the western Negev surrounding Area A and B. Area C compromises crucial natural resources and land for the future demographic and economic growth of a viable Palestinian state. State building efforts in Area C of the PA are therefore of utmost important in order to support the creation of a Palestinian state.”

The only reason that the window of opportunity is closing is because of the Palestinians’ continued intransigence and violence.  The EU would be better off addressing their concerns to the PA rather than taking revenge on Israel.

Furthermore, if you take a look at the actual Oslo Accords, you will find nothing about Israel being obliged to provide infrastructure for Palestinians in Area C or to provide for a Palestinian homeland in Area C.

The Palestinians were to be given self-government in phases and pending a permanent agreement, Gaza strip and the West Bank were to be divided into three zones:

  • Area A – which would be under the Palestinian Authority’s full control and include all Palestinian cities and surrounding areas with no civilian Israeli presence.
  • Area B – which would be under the Palestinian Authority’s civil control and Israel’s security control and Include areas of dense Palestinian population with no civilian Israeli presence.
  • Area C – which would be under full Israeli control, except over Palestinian civilians. This area includes all West Bank settlements and their immediate vicinity as well as strategic areas dubbed “security zones.”

The EU in their arrogance have decided that Israel’s concessions are not numerous enough or speedy enough, and therefore they are entitled to do as they please in order to promote their own anti-Israel agenda. Nowhere is it written that the Palestinians should receive a state with territorial contiguity. In fact, if they do receive such, it would cut Israel in half. Is territorial contiguity therefore acceptable for Israel? Hypocrisy anyone?

The EU, a western diplomat told Ynet, is primarily concerned about three aspects overshadowing the viability of the two-state solution: Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and Area C. The EU, he added, is worried that Israel’s policies in Area C will prevent the PA from maintaining territorial continuity, perpetuating the current situation of a “patch-state.”

The diplomats underscore throughout the brief the need for EU support of private and public sector projects and infrastructure, but make no mention of involving Israel, or obtaining its cooperation in such projects.

A Western diplomat familiar with the document told Ynet that the Europeans have decided to simply skip Israeli regulations: “What Europe is essentially saying here is that because Area C is vital for sustaining a viable Palestinian state, we will support whatever needs to be done for the sale of Palestinian development in the area regardless of Israel’s planning policy.”

I repeat: Area C is intended to be under Israeli control. I think the EU-niks need lessons in reading comprehension.

He confirmed that the step was meant to reduce the amount of necessary building permits, saying that “European funding of vital projects like water infrastructure will be independent of Israeli authorities’ approval.”

I would love to see how the EU – with all its stupid rules and regulations governing so many aspects of its citizens private and public lives – would react if a foreign country decided it didn’t like the EU’s building codes and began erecting buildings and laying pipelines etc. without the relevant planning permissions.

The EU and its assorted leaders have forgotten that they are not the colonial masters of an empire any longer, and the Jews do not have to answer to them. I hope the Israeli government is as quick to destroy unlicensed EU construction as ti is in demolishing unauthorised outposts.

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  1. Andrea says:

    As a citizen of a country which is part of EU and regulary tax payer I thought there was a different list of priority for Bruxelles,considering all troubles well evidenced by S&P’s downgrading of most of its members.
    Difficult to find a reason for this move other than ideological

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